Does Walmart Count As A Grocery Store

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Over 30 percent of Walmart’s annual revenue comes from its grocery category. Credit card companies may not identify Walmart as a grocery shop, despite the fact that many consumers do so.

You may question if Walmart is considered a food shop by credit card companies? All of your questions will be answered by me.

In 2022, does Walmart qualify as a grocery store for credit cards?

In 2022, major credit card networks will not consider Walmart as a food shop (save for Neighborhood Markets), as just 30% of its items are groceries.

Credit cardholders of American Express, Chase, Bank of America, Discover, and Visa are unable to earn additional food points while shopping for groceries at Walmart with any of these cards.

Check out this article to learn about Walmart’s rewards program and how you can still get cashback for shopping there!

Does American Express Accept Walmart as a Grocery Store?

As a result, American Express credit cards are unable to earn points at Walmart since Walmart superstores are not food shops.

Walmart Neighborhood Markets, on the other hand, are classified as food shops, and as a result, employees are eligible for incentives at these locations.

Rewards can be earned if you buy gas from a US gas station where the principal product is petrol.

Rewards may be accrued by purchasing petrol from any of the Walmart-owned Murphy USA and Murphy Express gas stations You won’t get any benefits if you fill up at a station inside a Walmart store.

Is Walmart a Supermarket for Chase?

There are no Chase credit cards that can earn points at Walmart because it isn’t recognized as a food shop by Chase. In spite of this, Chase cards may collect incentives at Walmart Neighborhood Market.

In addition, Chase has added Walmart-owned Murphy USA gas stations to the bonus category, so Chase customers may earn 1.5 percent cash back when they fill up their tanks.

Is Walmart a Supermarket for Discover?

Big-box retailers like Walmart are not included in the Discover card’s food list. On transactions, including grocery pick-up and delivery, Discover is now offering a 5 percent cash back benefit.

Due to the fact that Walmart Neighborhood Markets are often considered food stores, cardholders of Discover can also earn points at any of the store’s 700+ locations.

When using the Discover It card at a Walmart-owned Murphy USA fueling station, users can get 1-5 percent cashback.

Check Discover’s cashback calendar frequently to see if Walmart is offering any reward deals.

Is Walmart the Bank of America’s Grocery Store?

Bank of America does not include Walmart as a food shop because it is a multi-category business.

Consequently, Walmart grocery incentives are unavailable to cards. Despite this, users may still earn a 1% reward on all Walmart purchases, including groceries.

Similar to Walmart Neighborhood Market, Bank of America cards may earn points and 2% cash back at Walmart Neighborhood Market.

With a Visa credit card, can you get rewards on groceries purchased at Walmart?

Visa credit card customers cannot receive points at Walmart since it is not recognized as a food shop.

However, using the PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature Card when shopping at Walmart Marketplace might earn shoppers 3X back on groceries.

Using the Visa Signature credit card at gas stations, including Walmart’s partner gas station Murphy’s USA, earns you 5X back in rewards.

How Do You Earn Credit Card Rewards When Purchasing Walmart Groceries?

With the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card powered by MasterCard, shoppers at Walmart may earn points for free grocery items. As a Walmart shopper, you may be eligible to earn two percent back in rewards.

Earn 5% cash back at, which includes grocery pickup and delivery. You may use your points to pay for groceries at

For those who frequently purchase at Walmart, this credit card might be a better option than the Discover It card, which only offers a 5 percent bonus once a year.

Customers may also earn points by using the Walmart Rewards Card, which can only be used at Walmart stores, online, on the Walmart app, and at petrol stations operated by Murphy USA. When you buy groceries at the following stores, you’ll get a 5% rebate.

Why Doesn’t Walmart Accept Credit Cards at Its Grocery Stores?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express don’t recognize Walmart as a grocery shop. As a result, credit cards are unable to get food rewards.

Customers are deprived of food incentives since credit card issuers attach their own MCC to Walmart. Over 70 different departments are available at Walmart’s MCC and they do not fit the definition of a grocery store.

What are the top grocery stores that accept credit cards?

Let’s say you want to use your credit card to get cashback at the grocery store. If that’s the case, you’ll have to go to a supermarket in the United States.

Examples include ALDI, Meijer, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, FreshDirect, ShopRite, and Stop & Shop.

Specialty retailers that only offer fish, meat, cheese, and wine are often not eligible for incentives.

At Walmart, can I use my credit card to purchase groceries?

Yes, both online and in-store, Walmart accepts credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express issuers.

When shopping at Walmart, customers are not eligible for reward points. However, Walmart does not accept credit cards from foreign nationals.

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Bottom Line

No, Walmart isn’t only a food shop because they have a wide range of products from other areas. Those who have a credit card from a bank such as Discover or American Express or Visa cannot receive any further incentives. 

Walmart Neighborhood Market, which is a grocery shop, offers points and rewards programs. Shop for free with the Capital One Walmart Credit Card.

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