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If you are traveling frequently and need to purchase supplies, traveler’s checks can be immensely beneficial.

Since Walmart (4,700+ locations nationally) is a popular shopping destination for tourists, you may be wondering if the retailer accepts traveler’s checks. Here is what I’ve discovered!

In 2022, will Walmart accept travelers checks?

As of 2022, only a limited number of Walmart locations accept traveler’s checks as a payment method. Customers should call their local Walmart in advance to determine whether or not they accept this payment method. You may cash up to $5,000 in traveler’s checks at Walmarts that accept them and use the cash to pay for your purchase.

Continue reading to learn more about using a traveler’s check to pay for your Walmart purchase, the cost of cashing a traveler’s check, and much more!

How Can You Determine If Walmart Accepts Traveler’s Checks?

There are Walmart locations that do not take traveler’s checks as an acceptable form of payment. You should thus call the business you intend to visit in advance and inquire about their policy on the acceptance of traveler’s checks.

To accomplish this, you can utilize the Walmart Store Finder to obtain the phone number and operating hours of the nearest store(s).

How Can You Use a Traveler’s Check to Pay for Your Purchase at Walmart?

Simply produce your traveler’s check to the cashier at the checkout counter to pay for your Walmart purchase using a traveler’s check. If the amount of your check exceeds the entire amount of your bill, the excess will be returned to you in cash.

What are your options if a Walmart location does not accept travelers checks?

The majority of Walmart shops accept travelers checks up to $5,000. Consequently, if a Walmart location does not take traveler’s checks directly, you can cash the check and use it to pay for your purchase.

What is the cost to cash a traveler’s check at Walmart?

Walmart locations charge $4 for checks of up to $1,000 and $8 for those of up to $5,000.

Other Modes Of Payment

Walmart offers the following payment methods in addition to traveler’s checks:

  • Cash
  • Personal checks
  • Credit/debit card
  • PayPal
  • Walmart gift cards
  • Chase pay
  • Amex Express checkout

Unfortunately, neither Google Pay nor Apple Pay are accepted at Walmart.

Bottom Line

There are Walmart locations that take traveler’s checks. To minimize problems, you could utilize the Walmart Shop Finder to call a store in advance and inquire if they take traveler’s checks.

Alternately, you may cash your traveler’s check at a Walmart location and use the funds to pay for your purchase.

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