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Does Walmart Build Cases On Shoplifters

By David Krug 4 minute read

Shoplifting costs Walmart $3 billion every year. There’s little wonder they have such a comprehensive system in place to keep theft at bay and apprehend those who do it.

Walmart and other merchants have recently pushed for stiffer penalties for shoplifters in order to avert such losses. Walmart has been able to successfully develop cases against repeat offenders in order to achieve this. What I found was as follows.

Does Walmart Build Cases On Shoplifters In 2022?   

As of 2022, Walmart will keep track of shoplifters who commit thefts totaling more than $25. Loss Prevention Associates are employed by Walmart and are trained to profile and identify repeat shoplifters. Transaction records and video footage from security cameras are both verified and preserved. All of this information may be utilized to prosecute shoplifters.

Find out what it takes for an investigation to be successful and how to avoid future cases like this from happening. Keep reading to find out more!

How Much Money Do You Need to Steal from Walmart to Build a Case?

When the stolen goods are worth less than $25, Walmart usually does not seek charges or arrest the perpetrators.

As a result, they’ll encourage you to return the merchandise and walk out. A class 6 felony is defined as an offense in which the stolen goods are worth less than $1,000. If convicted, the offender faces a sentence of 1 to 5 years in prison, a fine of up to $2500, and a maximum of 12 months in prison. Class 5 felonies are punishable by up to ten years in prison for offenses that exceed $2,000.

Does Walmart Have a Database of Shoplifters?

If you are arrested at Walmart for stealing, Walmart will keep a record of your arrest. Shoplifters who have previously been charged with stealing at Walmart are easily tracked by Walmart.

Aside from keeping a photo of shoplifters on file, Walmart employs Loss Prevention Associates who know which customers are repeat offenders.

What Is A Loss Prevention Associate?

The primary duty of a Loss Prevention Associate is to detect and prevent retail theft. They often patrol the store, keeping an eye out for any unusual activity and blending in among the crowd.

To avoid drawing attention to themselves, they normally dress in everyday clothing.
They’re in charge of catching shoplifters after they’ve left the business, keeping track of thefts, and devising measures to prevent it from happening again.

How Long Does Walmart Ban First-Time Shoplifters?  

A lifelong ban is imposed on Walmart shoplifters who are convicted of the crime. After obtaining this ban, even if it is not the Walmart that you stole from, you might be charged with criminal trespassing if you chose to enter a Walmart.

Does Walmart Care If You Steal?

Walmart commits a large portion of their money to preventing theft. If you try to rob Walmart, you’re going to get caught, and the store isn’t going to let you go. There is a possibility of a criminal record and a lifelong ban from Walmart if you are caught shoplifting.

Does Walmart Have Facial Recognition?  

When a customer uses the self-checkout lanes at Walmart, an image recognition camera scans the items in their cart. In these cameras, there is no facial recognition function.

To limit the number of unpaid and unscanned merchandise leaving the store, rather than tracking the faces of shoplifters, they focus on the products themselves, rather than the customer’s face.

How Does Walmart Know If you Steal?  

There are several security systems in place at Walmart shops to guarantee that shoplifters are detected. There are loss prevention employees who are responsible for spotting shoplifters and security cameras, product security tags, and AI-powered image recognition at the checkouts at Walmart.

How Can I Get Walmart To Drop My Shoplifting Charge?  

Walmart takes theft very seriously, therefore it is unlikely that they will drop charges. If you believe that you have been wrongly accused, then your best option is to hire a defense lawyer and get an opinion of how you should proceed.

Bottom Line

Theft is a serious problem for retailers like Walmart. However, when seen in the context of a much larger firm like Walmart, stealing $15 of items may appear little at first glance.

Recurring theft for less than $15, on the other hand, can lead to repeat offenders being charged with misdemeanors when they should be facing felony charges. Since Walmart and other stores have been combating the issue in recent years, they’ve been developing cases against repeat offenders, who may now face lengthier prison terms and higher penalties as a result.