Does Walgreens Transfer VHS To DVD

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VHS players are no longer utilized everywhere, therefore many individuals are unable to view or share their old and valuable memories preserved on VHS cassettes.

Since Walgreens provides a variety of picture services, you may question if it converts VHS to DVD. Here is what I have found!

Does Walgreens Transfer VHS To DVD In 2022?

In its Photo Labs department, Walgreens provides VHS to DVD converting services. The service costs a minimum of $34.98 for one DVD, with each subsequent DVD costing $9.99. The conversion process might take anything from three to five weeks.

Continue reading to discover more about the sorts of VHS tapes that may be converted, the cost of conversion, and the additional services offered by Walgreens.

Where at Walgreens Can You Convert VHS to DVD?

You may convert your VHS tapes to DVD through Walgreens by navigating to this Walgreens Photo Labs link and selecting the amount of VHS tapes you have, whether you want to watch and modify the films prior to burning them to DVD, and numerous other options.

Once you have completed the details of your purchase, you may drop off your VHS tapes at the Photo Labs kiosk at the Walgreens location nearest you.

How much does Walgreens charge for VHS to DVD conversion?

Here are Walgreens’ normal fees for converting VHS to DVD:

  • $49.99 per VHS tape to be converted
  • $9.99 per DVD
  • $19.99 per Blu-ray disc

As a result, burning one VHS to a DVD will cost you a minimum of $34.98.

Type Of VHS Tapes That Walgreens Convert To DVD 

The following VHS tapes may be converted to DVD at Walgreens:

  • Betamax 
  • VHS 
  • VHC-C 
  • 8MM 
  • Digital8 
  • Video8 
  • MiniDV 
  • MicroMini 

At Walgreens, how long does it typically take to get VHS converted to DVD?

Three to five weeks is the typical wait time for a VHS to DVD conversion. This does not include the time it will take Walgreens to receive the VHS tapes you’ve sent them.

As a result of Walgreens sending all VHS tapes to a single facility across the country for conversion, it can take 3 to 5 weeks for the converted DVDs to arrive.

What is the maximum number of VHS tapes that can be converted to DVD?

There is a maximum of two hours of footage that Walgreens may put onto a DVD. After 2 hours, the rest of the video (to be converted) will be burned onto a second DVD.

Will Walgreens return your VHS tapes upon conversion?

Yes, your original VHS tapes will be returned to you once they have been converted to DVD.

What further services does Walgreens offer for VHS-to-DVD conversions?

Walgreens offers the following free intermediate choices rather than just converting the VHS tapes and copying the films directly to DVD:

  • On a phone, tablet or computer you may watch your videos
  • Organize and classify your video files.
  • Customize your DVDs by editing your films and making your own DVDs.

Bottom Line

In fact, Walgreens’ Photo Labs conducts VHS to DVD conversions. It costs at least $34.98 to convert one VHS tape to one DVD, with an additional $9.99 for additional DVD and $19.99 per additional Blu-ray. Between three and five weeks are common for receiving the re-mastered recordings.

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