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With more drop-off locations than both FedEx and UPS combined, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is a major player in the mail distribution industry.

As far as I know, you cannot drop off a USPS package at any other location than the post office. You can see what I discovered if you’d like to know for yourself.

USPS Drop-off locations for parcels will be available in 2022.

By 2022, self-service kiosks and collection boxes will be the only ways to drop off USPS packages, in addition to retail chains like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Staples, Michaels, and Office Depot. The Approved Postal Provider Program was launched by the USPS in order to include these drop-off locations and make shipping supplies more readily available to consumers.

There is a lot of information in this article about the Approved Postal Provider Program, such as where and when you can drop off USPs packages.

The Post Office Isn’t the Only Place You Can Drop Off USPS Packages.

USPS packages can be dropped off at any of these locations!

1. US Postal Service Collection Boxes

A USPS collection box is one of the most common places to drop off a package without having to go to a post office (also known as blue boxes).

You can find a collection box near you by visiting and selecting “collection boxes” from the drop-down menu.

To use the collection box, all you have to do is place your package in it after you’ve found it.

Your package will be on its way as soon as a postal worker arrives on their route and collects all of the mail in the collection box.

2. Kiosks for Self-Service

You can also use USPS self-service kiosks to drop off packages to be sent without having to go to a local post office.

As a way to alleviate some of the congestion in post offices, the self-service kiosks are typically offered in areas with a high population density.

You can locate a self-service kiosk near you by visiting the USPS website and selecting’self-service kiosks’ from the scroll-down menu.

You can ship your package by following the instructions on the kiosk’s screen once you’ve found one you like.

3. Contract Postal Units

The Approved Postal Provider Program is offered by Contract Postal Units.

Independent USPS partners can open a Contract Postal Unit (CPU) and sell a variety of shipping supplies and services, much like a 7-11 franchise.

CPU offers the ability to ship packages, making it a viable alternative to going to the post office to drop off a package.

It’s the same process as shipping at the post office: just talk to a colleague at the front of the store and pay for your package to be shipped.

4. Walmart is a great place to shop.

Among the many Approved Shippers in the USPS system, Walmart is one of the largest and most accessible.

Dropping off a USPS package at most Walmarts is an option, though not all of them do.

Because of this, you can use the location-finder on this page of the USPS website and select the “National Retailer” option to find out if the Walmart near you offers USPS shipping services.

The next step is to look up the nearest Walmart among the national retailers in your area that provide USPS services.

Look for the customer service counter in front of the store and ask there about shipping your package with the USPS through Walmart.

5. Staples

Additionally, Staples has teamed up with the US Postal Service as an Approved Shipper.

When shipping a package from Staples, be sure to specify whether you’d like it shipped via USPS or UPS when you go to the counter.

This feature is also available at some Staples locations, just like USPS currently uses its blue collection boxes.

If you want to save time and avoid long lines, keep an eye out for the boxes at the front of the store. can help you locate a Staples store near you that accepts packages (previously linked above).

6. The pharmacy chain Walgreens

The fact that Walgreens locations are open 24 hours a day makes them a convenient place to drop off USPS packages at any time of day or night.

Also convenient for drop-offs are Walgreens’ over 8,000 locations, which are usually located in suburban areas near major highways, making them an excellent choice.

You can either look for a USPS-labeled drop box at Walgreens or ask for help at the customer service counter.

7. CVS

In terms of location strategy, CVS and Walgreens have a lot in common, making them convenient options for shipping packages.

A CVS drop-off is very similar to a Walgreens drop-off in that you can use the customer service counter or a drop-box with a USPS label.

Both CVS and Walgreens have US Postal Service self-service kiosks, which are part of the Approved Postal Provider Program and combine the convenience of collection boxes with Approved Shippers.

8. Office Depot

A similar national retailer to Staples, Office Depot is an Approved Shipper that offers a wide range of office supplies and other miscellaneous items in one location.

When it comes to shipping USPS packages, Office Depot is similar to Staples in that while some locations offer a collection box service, others require you to go to the customer service desk.

Not every Office Depot location (or any of the listed national retailers) is a participating shipper in the Approved Shipper program, as always.

To find out if your local Office Depot participates in the Approved Shipper program, you can visit the USPS website and select “national retailer” from the drop-down menu.

9. Safeway/Albertsons

Another national retailer, Albertsons (or Safeway, depending on where you live), is a member of the Approved Shipper program and offers their services to customers in order to make their lives as easy as possible.

One-stop shopping for many Americans who need to ship packages quickly and efficiently is provided by offering USPS shipping services in a grocery store.

A USPS-branded desk or kiosk is available at some Safeway/Albertsons locations, while collection boxes and the customer service desk are also options.

10. Costco is number

When it comes to grocery shopping, Costco has a lot of choices for people who prefer to buy their food in bulk.

USPS’s Approved Shipper program allows many Costco customers to enjoy the same level of ease and convenience as they would at an Albertsons or Safeway location.

Once you confirm that the Costco near you is an Approved Shipper, you can drop by the customer service desk to ship your package. Alternatively, you can ship your package online.

11. Sam’s Club

The Approved Shipper program with the United States Postal Service includes Sam’s Club, a national bulk grocer.

To ship a USPS package, simply go to the customer service desk at your local Sam’s Club, where they operate similarly to Costco both in retail and as an Approved Shipper (once you verify that your location participates).

12. Credit Union United Heritage

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the only postal service that is currently offered by a bank.

The majority of United Heritage Credit Unions only sell stamp booklets; however, a few offer shipping services for small pieces of mail, such as letters, postcards, and business solicitations.

As a result, you can use and the scroll-down menu to select “national retailers” to see if the United Heritage Credit Union in your area offers shipping services.

Once you find a United Heritage Credit Union, click on the location to get more information. In the upper right-hand corner, it will be noted if stamp booklets are the only thing available at this location.

Program for Approved Postal Suppliers

To make shipping packages easier for the average person, the USPS has launched the Approved Postal Provider Program.

Approved Postal Provider Program services include the following:

  • the program for shipping companies that have been pre-approved
  • Postal Units on Contract (CPUs)
  • It’s time to get stamps
  • Programming for Authorized Resellers

Many national retailers, including grocery stores and banks, have been granted permission by the USPS to allow customers to drop off packages for shipping at their locations.

As a result of their partnership with USPS, these national retailers saw an increase in foot traffic in their stores, as well as an increase in profit from the partnership.

USPS, on the other hand, reaps the benefits of increased business and brand recognition as a result of the program’s increased convenience for consumers.

Consumers in brick-and-mortar locations that aren’t post offices can take advantage of both Stamps To Go and the Approved Resellers programs.

A partnership arrangement known as a “Contract Postal Unit” allows retailers to serve as a post office.

The Approved Postal Provider Program’s Contract Postal Units and Approved Shippers provide additional drop-off locations outside of post offices for USPS packages, making them critical if you want to use this service.

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Bottom Line

The Approved Postal Provider Program allows USPS products and services to be offered at locations other than the local post office, so you can drop off packages at Walgreens, CVS, Office Depot, Costco, Sam’s Club, and Walmart.

However, the Approved Shipper program is not available at all of the listed national retailers. You can check the USPS website for participating post offices near you by clicking on the locations tab.

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