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You may be wondering if Walgreens price matches, given that it is one of the most accessible drugstore chains in the United States, with more than 8000 locations countrywide.

Here are the results of my thorough investigation!

Does Walgreens Price Match In 2022?

Does Walgreens price match competitors like CVS, Rite Aid or Walmart? No. Walmart does not price match against its own shops or items, including prescriptions and contact lenses. Walgreens, on the other hand, conducts pricing modifications for its online shop, as long as the product has the same brand name, size, weight, and quantity.

This article will go into further detail on Walgreens’ price matching policy, the criteria under which it is permitted, and alternative methods to save money at Walgreens

Does Walgreens Price Match Its Competitors? 

Not at all. Walgreens does not price match its rivals like CVS or Rite Aid or Walmart or Costco. Customers at Walgreens can’t decrease the price of a product by demonstrating a lower-priced product from a rival.

Does Walgreens Price Match Its Stores?

In other words, Walgreens does not price match its merchandise across all of its locations. Despite claims that pricing at Walgreens shops might vary by up to 55%, you won’t be able to get these goods for the same price anywhere else.

As a result, you’ll be stuck paying the costs shown at your local store unless you’re prepared to do some exploring and visit other shops.

Does Walgreens Price Match Prescriptions? 

No, Walgreens does not price match prescriptions at any of its locations. None. None. none. none. Furthermore, it will not match the prices of any other pharmacy or healthcare provider.

Does Walgreens Price Match Contact Lenses? 

No, Walgreens does not price match contact lenses, as stated on their website.

Does Walgreens Price Match Their Online And In-Store Prices? 

Does Walgreens match its online prices with those at the store? Yes, they do. Walgreens’ policy on price matching authorizes only this one type of price matching.

You should be aware that Walgreens does not automatically perform this. You must ask a Walgreens clerk to price match the goods with its online pricing, and provide documentation of the difference.

In addition, you can’t price compare things like contact lenses or prescriptions on the Walgreens website, even if you can get them for less elsewhere.

What Are The Conditions For Price Matching At Walgreens?

You can only price match a product if it has an identical: 

  • Brand name 
  • Description 
  • Size 
  • Weight 
  • Color 
  • Quantity 
  • Model number 

The product you’re purchasing will only be price matched with its usual price, not with any discount or special rates. Walgreens will not provide rain checks for a later price match if the item is out of stock.

Walgreens will not accept proof of price matching in the form of a printed or screenshotted listing of a product. A Walgreens team member will verify the pricing on the website and determine whether or not the product is eligible for price matching.

How Many Times Can You Price Match A Product At Walgreens? 

Customers at Walgreens are limited to one price-matching transaction each day. You will not be able to go above this amount of time.

How Can You Save Money While Buying From Walgreens? 

To save money at Walgreens, you may be wondering whether there are any other methods to cut expenditures on product prices. It’s a resounding “yes!” To help you save money at Walgreens, here are some ideas:

  • Join the Balance Rewards program (now renamed myWalgreens). As a result, you’ll be able to take advantage of weekly sales and digital discounts. Your reward points will grow with each purchase you make. One dollar off your next purchase is yours when you earn 1000 points.
  • Balance Rewards users may earn additional reward points for every transaction if they link their AARP membership to their Balance Rewards account.
  • Look for Walgreens locations near you that are less densely populated and less urban, as these regions tend to have cheaper real estate costs. It’s probable that the pricing in these shops will be lower than those in more heavily inhabited places.

Bottom Line

If you find an item at a lower price elsewhere, even on, Walgreens will match the price in-store, but only for that item. For these goods to be price matched, they must all be of the same brand, color, weight, model number, quantity, and description.

You cannot price match its stores, rivals, promotional items, those sold in the past, prescriptions, contact lenses, or healthcare services. There is a one-transaction-per-customer daily limit.

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