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Numerous plans might be thrown off course by a wet day. Even worse, if you’re at work and the delivery is being delivered to your house, you glance out the window and witness a never-ending deluge.

Is the US Postal Service known for leaving parcels out in the rain? Please read on for details.

In 2022, does USPS leave packages outside in the rain?

Deliveries are made even when it’s raining by the United States Postal Service. If you don’t have a dry spot to put goods that don’t fit in the mailbox, your package may end up becoming wet. Many USPS mail carriers will try to keep parcels dry whenever feasible.

Find out whether USPS packaging is waterproof if they transport large goods on wet days, and what you can do if your item is damaged by rain by continuing to read this article now!

Why Does the USPS abandon packages in the rain?

A parcel may have to be left in the rain by your United States Postal Service postal carrier if there is no other place to deposit it.

My own personal experience with mail carriers shows that many of them are considerate about where they put goods in adverse weather.

Rather than placing a package towards the bottom of the post where it may get soaked, most delivery services will place it on a porch or stoop instead.

Assuming, of course, that you have made no other arrangements via Delivery Instructions, the box will have to wait for you inside if you don’t have an alternative location set up.

Undeliverable circumstances aren’t created in the event of rain that doesn’t impede truck movement (i.e. floods).

To put it another way, the postal carrier doesn’t have a genuine cause for bringing back the item to the post office, unless the roads are impassable or they require a signature but no one is home.

The USPS does not design its shipments to be waterproof.

On the whole, the USPS does not sell any packaging that is meant to endure a rainstorm for extended periods of time. Anything manufactured out of cardboard is an excellent illustration of this.

While it’s affordable and lightweight, making it ideal for packaging and transporting products, it’s also easy to become saturated if left in humid circumstances.

Does  USPS leave packages on doorsteps?

If your mailbox is too tiny for the parcels, the USPS will leave them outside. Using Delivery Instructions, you may tell the mailman where to put your package.

See whether there are any Delivery Instructions for the cargo by following the package’s progress as normal.

On the order page, click “Change Delivery Instructions” to select an alternative delivery location.

Using a keypad, a garage door code or even a shrub on your property may all help you reach this goal in a variety of ways.

Deck boxes can also be purchased at home improvement companies like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

On rainy days, does USPS deliver large packages?

Bigger packages aren’t canceled just because it’s raining. In the absence of your immediate presence, an expensive investment may be lost. 

In this scenario, prevention is better than treatment. Make sure the Delivery Instructions function is available for your item before you buy it.

If this functionality is available for your item, you may use the tracking page to write a comment about where this large shipment can be dropped off.

What Should You Do If Your USPS Package Is Destroyed by Rain?

The shipper has the bulk of the obligation for ensuring that a package arrives at its destination in a safe and undamaged state. They should be aware of the shipping circumstances in which they are put.

Loss of shipments falls under the purview of the United States Postal Service (USPS) (except in extreme cases, where the damage is excessive and was clearly the fault of USPS).

As a result, if you get an item that has been damaged by exposure to the weather, you should get in touch with the shipper right once.

The shipper has a perfect opportunity to set things right, as seen by several discussion boards (such as these and these). It’s also a good idea to ensure that the mail carrier has a dry, safe spot to put items.

As long as the seller provides better shipping materials for things that can’t fit in a mailbox and are exposed to the weather, it’s not a big deal.

We also have entries on whether or not USPS delivers on Sundays, whether or not USPS delivers to the door, and whether or not USPS sends texts.

Bottom Line

Your carrier may leave the delivery in the rain if there is no other choice for the United States Postal Service to deliver your package.

Providing Delivery Instructions and/or a dry location to leave shipments will help you avoid this problem altogether.

As a shipper, you should choose weather-resistant shipping materials, especially in cold, snowy circumstances or during spring’s rainy spells.

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