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Does TJ Maxx Sell Gift Cards

By David Krug 4 minute read

Shopping at TJ Maxx is a lot of fun, so you might want to bring along a few of your favorite people.

In the meanwhile, here are the answers to all of your questions about TJ Maxx’s gift cards, including whether or not they are available, where to purchase them, and more!

In 2022, does TJ Maxx provide gift cards?

In 2022, TJ Maxx will begin selling gift cards that may be used both in-store and online. TJ Maxx gift cards may also be redeemed at Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Sierra Trading Post locations.

They are available in quantities ranging from $25 up to $200. TJ Maxx gift cards can be purchased in-store or online, and given in person, via mail, or as an e-present.

To learn more about TJ Maxx gift cards and how to acquire them, keep reading for more helpful information below!

Do you sell gift cards at TJ Maxx?

Buying a TJ Maxx gift card for a particular friend or family member is a great way to spread the joy of shopping at TJ Maxx.

Additionally, you can be confident that your present will be something that the recipient truly enjoys and appreciates because they’ll be able to pick it themselves.

To buy TJ Maxx gift cards, you may do it in-store or online, and they can be given through mail or e-gift.

How Much Can I Load a TJ Maxx Gift Card With?

From $25 to $200, TJ Maxx gift cards are readily available for purchase by the public.

May I Include a Message on a TJ Maxx Gift Card?

Greetings and inscriptions like “Thank You” and “Happy Birthday” may be found on TJ Maxx gift cards, which are available in a variety of styles.

They may be customized with the recipient’s name and delivered through email. If you’re sending an e-gift card, consider including a note from you.

Gift card designs are available for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and other special occasions. Spanish-language versions are also available for purchase.

Where is TJ Maxx gift cards valid?

All of the following stores in the United States and Puerto Rico accept TJ Maxx gift cards:

  • J.Maxx
  • Marshalls
  • HomeGoods
  • Sierra Trading Post,, and Sierra Trading Post all accept these gift cards for online purchases.

A gift card may be redeemed online by selecting the “Gift Card” payment option on the payment page during checkout.

The 19-digit gift certificate number and the four-digit CSC security code must be entered into the payment form during the checkout process.

To pay for your online order, you can combine gift cards, TJX Reward credit card certificates, promotional codes, and a single credit card.

How can I acquire TJ Maxx gift cards?

TJ Maxx gift cards can be purchased through the company’s shop locations and website. 

Additionally, you can purchase TJ Maxx gift cards in most major supermarkets and medicine shops that sell gift cards.

How Can I Check the Balance on My TJ Maxx Gift Card?

If you have a TJ Maxx gift card, you may check the balance online or at any of the stores where you shop.

In order to find out how much money remains on your TJ Maxx gift card, you may go to the Check Your Gift Card Balance page and input the card number and check the security code (CSC).

The back of the gift card has a little box where you may locate the security code (CSC). You may check the balance of gift cards without a security code at any TJ Maxx shop.

Does TJ Maxx sell gift cards from third parties?

Third-party gift cards like pre-paid Visa and MasterCard, Amazon, eBay, Xbox, or any other sort are not offered by TJ Maxx.

As a result, you won’t be able to purchase gift cards for petrol stations, restaurants, or online retailers at TJ Maxx.

Gift cards from TJ Maxx expire?

You may spend your TJ Maxx gift cards online or in-store at any time because they have no expiration date.

What Happens When a Lost Gift Card?

A customer care agent may usually transfer the remaining balance of a lost gift card to another card.

Can I use a gift card from Marshalls at TJ Maxx?

You can shop at and at TJ Maxx and HomeGoods using a Marshall gift card.

To find out more about TJ Maxx, check out our entries on whether or not they have discount codes, layaway, and whether or not they accept checks.

Bottom Line

Stores and the company’s website both offer gift cards from TJ Maxx. To acquire TJ Maxx gift cards, you may also go to supermarkets, medicine, and petrol shops to purchase them.

Delivered by mail or hand, TJ Maxx gift cards can also be exchanged by email as an e-gift. 

Gift cards from TJ Maxx can be redeemed online as well as in Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Sierra Trading Post locations around the United States.

David Krug