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Does Subway Take Apple Pay

By David Krug 3 minute read

There are many people who enjoy the convenience and security of using Apple Pay to pay for things. This well-known service functions as a digital wallet when making purchases and connects to your debit or credit card.

The question of whether or not Apple Pay can be used to pay for food at Subway might arise in the minds of some customers. Keep reading if you’ve ever wondered about this!

In 2022, will Subway accept Apple Pay?

As of 2022, all Subway locations will accept payments made with Apple Pay. As a matter of fact, customers at Subway have been able to utilize Apple Pay since 2014. Subway has recently added contactless curbside ordering via the Subway app to its list of services that accept Apply Pay.

Keep reading to learn more about Subway’s use of Apple Pay and other payment methods!

Is Subway Apple Pay-enabled for how long now?

As soon as Subway rolled out mobile ordering in 2014, it became the first fast-food chain to accept Apple Pay.

Subway had the technology in place to take advantage of Apple Pay even though it was still relatively new at the time.

Only in-store purchases at the counter were supported when Subway first implemented Apple Pay.

After a few years, customers who used Apple Pay had other options besides waiting in line at the register that didn’t require them to stand inside.

Are Apple Pay and Subway Curbside Pickup Compatible?

Curbside pickup is a convenient way to get a meal without having to wait in a long line inside a restaurant. The curbside pickup service at Subway has become a popular and convenient option for customers.

To make things even easier for its customers, Subway recently began accepting Apple Pay for curbside pickup orders after previously only accepting it in-store.

Subway accepts a variety of mobile payment options.

Some customers may wonder if Subway accepts other mobile payment methods besides Apple Pay.

However, PayPal appears to be accepted by Subway at its stores and in the Subway mobile app.

Other mobile payment options are used by Subway, but the most popular and widely used is likely to be PayPal.

When ordering from the Subway app, can you pay with Apple Pay?

The addition of Apple Pay to Subway’s app is one of the company’s most recent and exciting developments.

Subway’s app, for example, is a popular place for customers to find discounts and special offers.

It is possible that Subway may offer special deals for customers who use Apple Pay on the app, such as discounts on subs or other food items.

Customers could get a $2 discount on a Subway footlong by using Apple Pay on the Subway app in the recent past, for example.

Customers could only use other forms of mobile payment, such as PayPal, prior to the Subway app’s recent update that allows customers to use Apple Pay.

Subway has made significant progress in the ease and convenience of ordering from its restaurants by providing customers with more flexibility and options when using Apple Pay.

Is Subway’s App Available For Free?

The Subway app is not only free, but it is also simple to use and offers a wide range of benefits and rewards.

Customers can earn “Subway My Way Points” by using the Subway app.

It’s also possible to order from the Subway app and customize it to your heart’s content.

To make ordering a sub or salad even easier, the app features food images so you can see exactly what goes into each item before you order it.

Customers who order using the Subway My Way app earn four points (or tokens) for every $1 they spend.

The customer benefits from these tokens, despite the fact that they don’t accumulate very quickly.

In other words, if a customer spends $50 on Subway’s app, they’ll get back $2. As if this weren’t enough of a perk of using the app, it’s worth noting.

If you’re using Apple Pay, you may be eligible for additional discounts.

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Bottom Line

One of the first fast food chains to accept Apple Pay was Subway. Customers can now use Apple Pay to pay for their Subway orders placed through the Subway app.

If you use Apple Pay and the Subway app, keep an eye out for special deals and discounts from the two companies.

David Krug