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Does Subway Hire At 14

By David Krug 4 minute read

It’s common for parents to wonder whether Subway is an appropriate place for their teenagers to work, and whether the company has an age limit.

So, what is the minimum age for employment at Subway? Check out the rest of this article to learn more about the Subway’s age restriction policy!

In 2022, what age range does Subway employ?

Subway will hire people as young as fifteen, but in most states, that age limit is raised to sixteen. Subway does not hire anyone under the age of fifteen, and as is the case in most workplaces, minors are subject to strict guidelines regarding the number of hours they can work per week.

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about Subway’s hiring policies for teens and what teenagers are allowed to do at the company.

Subway: What can a 15-year-old do?

Subway may hire fifteen-year-olds in some areas, depending on local child labor laws, despite the fact that sixteen is the minimum age for employment.

It is not uncommon for Subway to employ 15-year-old sandwich artists, who are responsible for putting the sandwiches together for customers.

However, 15-year-olds may not be able to perform certain tasks, such as handling hot food, cleaning out the ovens, and so forth.

If you want to know if Subway in your area hires people as young as fifteen, you can contact your local Subway or stop by or call the store.

What Is The Minimum Age To Work For The Subway?

As previously stated, Subway will not hire minors under the age of fifteen. In most cases, however, Subway will only accept job applications from people over the age of sixteen.

When in doubt about the minimum age for employment at your local Subway, you can inquire by phone or in person.

Are There Any Subway Activities for Teens?

The vast majority of Subway’s typical tasks can be handled safely and effectively by teenagers under the guidance of an adult.

In addition to making sandwiches, teens can prep vegetables and other foods.

Cleaning up dishes, sweeping the floors, performing cleaning tasks in the dining area and restocking cups are just some of the tasks that teens can expect to do while working in the kitchen area (chips, sodas etc).

What is the Subway Manager’s Age Requirement?

Only those who are 18 years old or older are eligible for consideration as Subway managers. If you’re under the age of 18, you’re unlikely to get a managerial position.

Management at Subway consists of overseeing and directing employees who have been assigned responsibilities. Managers are also in charge of making hiring and firing decisions, overseeing cleanliness and food preparation, and handling the cash out for tills at the end of the day.

The company may not be allowed to employ managers under the age of eighteen because those managers are responsible for overseeing tasks that minors are either not permitted to perform by law or are not considered trustworthy by the company.

Is Subway Worksuitable for Teenagers?

Subway might be a good choice for older teens looking for work experience. Work at Subway is relatively simple and can serve as an excellent stepping stone for young people looking to get their feet wet in the workforce.

As a Subway franchisee, many teenagers have the opportunity to earn money while learning about food preparation and customer service at the same time.

In addition, Subway employees receive free meals, which is great news for budget-conscious teens!

Overall, working at a Subway may be one of the best jobs for teenagers in the food service industry. In fact, Subway’s founder started working there at the age of 17, so teen employment at Subway has a long history.

Is It Difficult for a Teenager to Get a Job at the Subway?

As long as they are of legal age and meet other requirements, teenagers should be able to get a job at a Subway.

Teens who show up to a job interview with a positive attitude and good manners are more likely to succeed. It’s up to the manager and others in authority to decide whether or not to hire a teenager.

What is the maximum number of hours per week that a teenager can work at Subway?

Child labor laws in the United States limit the number of hours that minors under the age of sixteen can work. Certain tasks that minors can perform in the workplace are also restricted by these laws.

Working during school hours is prohibited for anyone under the age of 18, and there are a number of other restrictions as well. Most of these rules won’t apply to Subway because the majority of its employees are 16-year-olds or older.

As is the case in many workplaces, the number of hours worked will vary depending on the number of staff members and other factors. As a result of school and family commitments, Subway is often willing to work with teens to accommodate their needs.

What Kind of Work Is Like Subway for 14-Year-Olds?

While teenagers under the age of fifteen are unable to work at Subway, there are a number of other fast-food restaurants where they are welcome to apply.

Teenagers as young as fourteen can apply for jobs at Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell and McDonald’s.

It is possible to get a job at one of the above-mentioned restaurants, as well as at bookstores or retail shops, if you are a mature 14-year-old with good work ethic.

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Bottom Line

Some Subway locations allow 15-year-olds to apply for jobs, but most require workers to be 16 or older.

Anyone under the age of fifteen is currently not employed by Subway. Despite this, working at Subway is a great job for teenagers because of the flexible hours and straightforward tasks.