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Does Subway Have Breakfast

By David Krug 4 minute read

Lunchtime sub sandwiches at Subway are known for their meat, cheese, and veggie fillings, as well as their mustard and other savory sauces.

Even though it’s still early in the day, you may be hungry. Is it possible to get a breakfast sandwich from Subway? Continue reading to find out if Subway serves breakfast and if so, what they serve.

In 2022, will Subway be serving breakfast?

As of 2022, many Subway locations will serve breakfast items. Egg and meat sandwiches are served in four varieties for breakfast. Breakfast sandwiches are just as customizable as regular sandwiches. In addition, coffee, milk, and orange juice are all available at Subway. Even if your local Subway doesn’t open until later in the morning, you can still get a breakfast sandwich.

Interested in finding out more about Subway’s breakfast offerings, such as the selections available?

What Can You Get For Breakfast At Subway?

There are four breakfast sandwich options available at Subway:

  • Sandwich of bacon, eggs, and cheese.
  • A sandwich of black forest ham, eggs, and cheese.
  • Sandwich of steak, eggs, and cheese
  • Sandwich with egg and cheese

The four sandwiches aren’t a huge selection, but the fact that they can be customized so much makes up for it.

Any type of bread or flatbread can be ordered, and customers can choose whether or not they want it toasted.

Coffee, bottled milk, and bottled orange juice round out Subway’s breakfast menu, which also offers four different breakfast sandwiches.

During breakfast, guests can, of course, order any of the available soft drinks.

Is Subway Only Open for Breakfast?

No time limit is set for the removal of bacon, ham, or other breakfast meats from Subway.

Customers can pick and choose from all of the ingredients up front. Eggs, on the other hand, are the lone exception to the breakfast items omitted.

As a result, if you order a breakfast sub from Subway after 11 a.m. and request eggs, your order will be incomplete.

There is no official end time for Subway’s morning meal service, but most of its breakfast items are still available to be used in a sandwich.

Are Subway’s Breakfast options affordable?

In 2021, the cost of a Subway breakfast sandwich will be between $4.00 and $5.50, depending on the location.

A six-inch flatbread or sub breakfast sandwich costs $4.00, while a twelve-inch breakfast sub costs $5.50.

Additionally, some add-ons, such as avocado (.$75), will increase the price of your sub.

Depending on the size, Subway’s coffee costs anywhere from $1.60 to $1.80 for breakfast. There are also two additional costs: $1.80 for a bottle of orange juice and $1.60 for a bottle of milk.

Hash Browns are available at Subway?

Hash browns have been served in some Subway stores around the world, but they don’t appear to be available in the United States.

Furthermore, there is no mention of hash browns on its breakfast menu on the company’s website.

However, in countries like the United Kingdom, Subway does offer hash browns.

In fact, hash browns are available as a side dish or a topping on a variety of sandwiches in the United Kingdom.

Do you think Subway has a decent cup of coffee on offer?

Subway’s coffee may not be your first choice if you’re a coffee drinker. While Subway’s cookies and subs are fantastic, the company’s coffee seems to be met with ambivalent reviews.

While some customers have described it as terrible, others have expressed satisfaction with the product. It all comes down to personal preference and whether or not the coffee is freshly brewed.

What Time Does Subway Open For Regular Subs?

You can order a lunchtime sandwich at Subway even if it’s breakfast time, because all the ingredients are prepared at the same time. Everything is ready to go when the doors open.

All of the meats, vegetables, and sauces are available even during breakfast hours, so don’t be afraid to ask! “

Is Breakfast Available at All Subway Franchises?

Previously, every Subway location was required to serve breakfast, but this is no longer the case.

As a matter of fact, Subway, like many other fast-food chains, has had difficulty filling early-morning shifts.

As a result, Subway’s breakfast is no longer a popular option.

Despite this, there are still many Subways that serve breakfast all day long, starting as early as 6 a.m.

You can also get a breakfast-themed sandwich from Subways that don’t serve traditional breakfast.

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Bottom Line

There is a limited breakfast menu available at some Subway franchises. Four egg and meat subs or flatbread sandwiches, coffee, juice, and milk are just a few examples.

Even in the early morning hours, you can order lunch items from the menu.

A breakfast sandwich can still be requested at any Subway, even if early morning breakfast hours are no longer available.