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Does Starbucks Have Boba

By David Krug 4 minute read

Boba, or bubble tea, has become an increasingly popular beverage in many countries. Tapioca pearls paired with milky tea have also garnered a cult following in the United States. If you’re a Starbucks fan, you may be wondering if the chain serves boba: does Starbucks have it? Here is what we learned!

Starbucks Will Have Boba in 2022?

Starbucks does not now sell boba, and it does not appear that it will in the near future. Starbucks offers a variety of refreshing iced beverages and teas for consumers to choose from instead. Customers that want boba may also get it in other places, such as Chinese and Asian restaurants, in addition to Starbucks.

While the lack of boba at Starbucks is upsetting, there are some options. Here are the results of our investigation of your selections!

Why Is There No Boba at Starbucks?

Starbucks has yet to provide boba, despite the fact that it is fast gaining popularity as a drink option. This may be due to the exorbitant expense of setting up boba-making equipment in each of the chain’s stores, which is prohibitively expensive. Additionally, staff members will need to be taught the art of making boba tea.

Additional storage space, in particular for cooked tapioca pearls, will be required. The ingredients for boba tea may not be able to be stored at all Starbucks outlets. It’s possible Starbucks believes boba tea is just another craze that will go away soon rather than an everlasting beverage.

Although Starbucks doesn’t sell boba, they do sell a variety of other beverages. Starbucks does, however, serve beverages that resemble boba tea in many foreign locales.

What Can You Get Instead Of Boba At Starbucks?

While Starbucks doesn’t provide boba tea, you may buy alternative drinks that taste comparable. The boba tea sensation may be recreated with sweet, milky teas and fruit tastes. 

Starbucks offers a variety of iced teas, including black and green tea, with a variety of fruit and herb tastes. Iced coffee can also be used as a substitute for boba tea, despite the fact that it contains caffeine. Raspberry milk tea or the Teavana iced teas are both good options. Try these Teavana varieties:

  • Cold Shaken Pomegranate Pearls with Hibiscus Tea
  • Red grapefruit ruby tea iced shaken with honey
  • Fusion of Matcha and Espresso

Making Your Own Boba With Starbucks Tea

To create your own, all you need is some boba tea, some sugar, and some water. In order to make this, you’ll need Starbucks tea and tapioca pearls, both of which can be found at any Asian market or supermarket.

Tapioca pearls may be found in the international foods area of many big supermarkets. Tapioca On Amazon and Walmart, tapioca pearls may also be purchased. It’s necessary to cook the tapioca pearls until they’re a chewy consistency, which is accomplished by boiling them in water.

Making your own boba from Starbucks tea is a snap. Add the cooked tapioca pearls to your Starbucks milky tea for your own homemade version. You may also experiment by adding cooked tapioca pearls to different Starbucks beverages to create boba tea tastes.

Where Can You Find Boba in Your Area?

One reason for the public’s eagerness for Starbucks to provide boba is the businesses’ location. Starbucks locations are strategically positioned across your community and near your place of employment.

Other businesses selling boba may need a trip to the mall or a different area. Depending on where you reside, your neighborhood may have little boba tea stores. Numerous Chinese, Asian, and fusion eateries provide boba tea as well.

Additionally, several new chain establishments, such as Kung Fu tea, provide boba tea. You may visit their website to determine whether they have any locations in your area. Kokee Tea is another chain that provides boba, although they are only available in the northeastern United States. There has been considerable speculation that Dunkin’ Donuts may soon begin providing boba tea, however, this has not yet occurred.

What Exactly Is Boba?

Thai boba or bubble tea is popular among Asian American communities in the US. Boba tea is essentially flavored milk tea with a dollop of sugar-coated tapioca pearls. Tea may be made sweeter by adding honey, syrup, or condensed milk.

The milky tea flavor is enhanced by the tapioca’s chewy texture. Because of the tapioca’s pearly sheen, boba is frequently referred to as “pearl tea”. Although boba tea is typically served as iced tea, it can also be served hot. Occasionally, boba is served with fruit bits and tapioca pearls.

Fruit-flavored milky teas are among the most popular flavors of boba. Most people like black and green tea boba. In 2019, the global boba tea market was valued at $2.4 billion. Growth in North America is expected to reach $4.3 billion by 2027.

Many people are wondering why Starbucks doesn’t offer boba tea and when they will be able to get their hands on it. It would be great if Starbucks made their favorite teas available in their local stores. Starbucks locations are more easily accessible than tiny boba tea shops since they are positioned near people’s homes and workplaces.

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Bottom Line

Starbucks stores do not currently stock boba tea. Teavana Flavors and Raspberry Milk Tea are good substitutes. You can get boba tea in convenience stores, Asian grocers, and Chinese eateries all across town. Boba tea is now available at certain new chain outlets.