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Does Sam’s Club Deliver Furniture

By David Krug 4 minute read

Sam’s Club sells a wide range of things in its warehouses, not only food and cleaning supplies as some may believe.

Sam’s Club members may also get affordable mattresses and furnishings from well-known brands like Serta at Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club’s shipping policy for mattresses and furniture are detailed below.

In 2022, does Sam’s Club provide mattress and furniture delivery?

By 2022, Sam’s Club will be using third-party delivery firms to deliver furniture and mattresses to customers.

Sam’s Club furniture and mattress delivery prices are determined by a variety of factors, including your location, delivery time, and whether or not the item needs to be assembled before being brought inside.

If you’d like to learn more about third-party delivery services and the many delivery options, keep reading!

Do Sam’s Club associates transport mattresses and furniture?

A third-party firm delivers all of Sam’s Club’s big products including appliances and mattresses and furniture (including bed frames and dressers as well as coffee and end tables, chairs, and TV sets) rather than Sam’s Club staff.

When it comes to getting your mattress or furniture, you have a choice of three distinct delivery options:

Threshold Delivery 

Your item will be delivered to the first dry spot accessible, such as a garage or front door, with threshold delivery. When moving into an apartment, the movers can only deliver to the first level of the building.

There are no unpacking, cleaning, or set-up services provided by the movers, making threshold delivery suitable for minor things.

Delivery charges can be included in a warranty, so a Sam’s Club employee will be able to tell you how much it will cost to have the item delivered.

White-Glove Delivery 

Sam’s Club’s white glove delivery is the best option if you need your mattress or furniture delivered to a specific room.

Moving companies that offer white-glove service will unload and arrange your items where you choose, as well as assist you in unpacking and removing the packaging materials.

When it comes to white glove delivery, however, movers are only allowed to transfer stuff up or down two levels.


Deliveries for items like beds, furniture, and televisions may also be arranged through GoShare for Sam’s Club members.

GoShare will load, transport, and unload your Sam’s Club item as instructed by you with the help of delivery pros.

Regardless of Sam’s Club membership level, GoShare is available for same-day delivery for all members.

How Much Does GoShare Delivery Cost For Mattresses And Furniture?

According to the delivery provider, GoShare adjusts its predictions to reflect that. Examples include the number of delivery specialists needed, the length of time to accomplish the job, and the kind of truck needed by those delivery workers.

Visit the GoShare estimate page if you’d like a free estimate! Although there is a maximum time restriction included in GoShare’s estimations, this is rarely reached.

GoShare considers the arrival of the driver at the pickup station to be the beginning of the delivery procedure, and the clock ends when your item(s) are unloaded.

Delivery of your mattress or furniture may need going up or down steps, in which case you must notify GoShare at the time of organizing your delivery in order to avoid additional fees.

How Long Does Sam’s Club Take To Deliver Furniture And Mattresses?

For mattresses and furniture from Sam’s Club, the delivery time is affected by processing and shipment.

The processing period for furniture and mattress orders is between one and seven days according to the size of the goods themselves.

The delivery time varies substantially and relies on the product’s size, availability, and location.

What types of furniture does Sam’s Club offer?

In addition to food and home goods, Sam’s Club’s inexpensive pricing extends to a wide range of other products. The furniture at the retailer’s warehouse is also very low-priced.

Sam’s Club has a wide range of furnishings to meet your needs. There is a wide variety of furniture available at Sam’s Club:

  • Dining room (benches, tables, chairs) 
  • Office (office chairs, water dispensers)  
  • Living room (couches, chairs, coffee tables)  
  • Kid’s (bean bag chairs, tables, bookshelves)  
  • Bedroom (bed frames, nightstands, dressers)  
  • Patio (fire pits, outdoor dining sets)  
  • Game room (Billiard tables, stools, lounge chairs)  

What Types Of Mattresses Does Sam’s Club Offer?

In addition to the regular sizes, Sam’s Club has mattresses as large as a California King. 

There are also a variety of mattresses to choose from at Sam’s Club.

  • Water beds  
  • Memory foam  
  • Air mattresses 
  • Innerspring  
  • Adjustable  
  • Hybrid  
  • Beds in a box 

There are several mattress manufacturers available at Sam’s Club, including Serta, Member’s Mark, and Beautyrest, to name just a few.

If you need a bed frame or headboard, Sam’s Club provides a wide range of options for you as well.

You may also want to check out Sam’s Club’s mattress return policy, if Sam’s Club ships appliances, and the Sam’s Club TV return policy for additional information.

Bottom Line

A third-party delivery provider works with Sam’s Club to ensure safe and quick delivery of mattresses and furniture.

The cost of delivery is determined by a variety of factors, including your location, the product type, and the location to which you want the product delivered.

David Krug