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Does Safeway Do Money Orders

By David Krug 3 minute read

Customers can acquire money orders from a wide variety of establishments. Customers who need to place a money order can make use of this service at a variety of locations, including post offices, retail businesses, and financial institutions.

Customers of Safeway may be wondering if their local Safeway can handle their money order requests. Check out what I discovered if you agree and continue reading!

In 2022, does Safeway still accept money orders?

With the help of Western Union, most Safeway locations in Canada and the United States are presently able to process money orders.

For money orders, transfers, and other financial transactions, customers may use the Safeway customer service desk or a comparable department.

Check out the rest of this article to find out more about Safeway’s policy on cashing money orders, how much they charge for them, and other related topics.

Where Can I Buy a Money Order from Safeway?

Most Safeway stores provide Western Union services at the front desk of the customer service department.

Store associates at the customer service/reception desk can handle money orders for clients who wish to purchase them.

While most Safeways provide Western Union at their customer service desks, some of the locations listed on the Western Union website have ceased this service and have not been updated.

It is important to keep this in mind. In order to guarantee that this service is still available, clients should call Safeway ahead of time.

What is the price of a money order at Safeway?

To buy a money order at a Safeway location, the fees will vary. In most cases, the cost per order is just one dollar.

Customers must also restrict their money orders to a maximum of $500 per transaction at the majority of retail locations.

Multiple money orders can be purchased by customers who have big sums of money to send.

What Payment Method is Required for Money Orders at Safeway?

Most Safeway locations already require customers to pay for money orders in cash. In some cases, this policy may be slightly different depending on the shop and the management.

Does Safeway accept Money Orders for payment?

For the time being, all Safeway locations are unable to cash money orders on behalf of customers. Because of this, they are allowed to withdraw money from their bank accounts.

Safeway is not authorized to cash personal or handwritten checks for its clients; thus, the checks must be payroll or government-issued.

Customers will be charged $2.25 for each check worth $200 in order to cash it at Safeway. A cheque for more than $1,500 cannot be cashed at Safeway.

What time of day may a Money Order be purchased at Safeway?

The customer service desk hours at most Safeway locations are different from the usual store hours.

All Safeway locations have different hours of operation, although by 8 p.m. most customer service desks are closed.

Can Safeway provide a refund for a money order?

Purchasing a money order from Safeways will result in reimbursement if the order is lost or stolen. There is also an additional $15.00 processing fee for orders with a receipt.

Payments made without a receipt will be subject to an extra research charge of $300.00 plus the normal processing charge.

Can Safeway Canada Provide Money Orders?

Money orders can be processed through Western Union at the majority of Safeway stores in Canada.

Some Western Union stations, on the other hand, can only execute a subset of the company’s standard services, meaning that money orders cannot be processed there.

Customers who aren’t sure if Safeway can accept a money order can call customer care to speak with a shop representative before going to the store to double-check their options.

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Bottom Line

Almost all Safeway locations in the United States and Canada are able to accept Western Union money orders.

At the customer service desk, this service is available. Keep in mind that all money orders at Safeway must be paid for in full in cash.

David Krug