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Does Rite Aid Have Photo Center

By David Krug 3 minute read

As part of the application, you’ll have to submit an official picture. Having to adhere to a certain set of guidelines makes this picture a little more difficult to complete.

It might be difficult to locate a place to take your passport photo. The printing section at Rite Aid is ubiquitous, but does it accept passport photos? Is there anything else you’d want to know?

In 2022, does Rite Aid offer passport photos?

In 2022, Rite Aid locations with a photo facility will be able to provide passport photographs. Rite Aid typically costs $8.99 for a set of passport photographs that are developed on the spot. Additionally, Rite Aid does not require an appointment to take passport photographs. 

You can check ahead of time to see if your local Rite Aid offers this service. Below, you’ll find all the information I could find about Rite Aid passport photographs.

How much do Rite Aid passport photos cost?

Taking passport photographs at the Rite Aid Pharmacy costs $8.99, which is much less expensive than other locations.

In addition, you may take a picture of yourself and have it printed for only 19 cents at your local Rite Aid. This is the most popular choice since it is both less expensive and more convenient.

Are passport photos taken at all Rite Aids?

Photo services are only available in a Photo Center at a Rite Aid. You may be able to acquire passport photographs there if you can get other images done.

If Rite Aid does not take its own images, certain locations can nevertheless print out customers’ photos, even if Rite Aid does not.

To verify that your local Rite Aid can handle your passport photographs, it is advisable to contact them beforehand. While it’s unlikely, phoning beforehand can help you avoid a long line.

How Long Does It Take to Get Passport Photos at Rite Aid?

To a large extent, it’s a matter of how you go about getting the photo printed. If you get your photographs taken in-store, you may frequently get them printed on the spot in the postcard style, which is suitable for a passport if done properly.

However, if you prefer to utilize a photo you shot yourself and purchase online, you may anticipate the item to arrive at your home in seven to 10 days.

Obviously, if you’re pressed for time, the second alternative isn’t much of an option. If local Rite Aid’s photo center has the proper infrastructure, you can also get a range of other products printed there.

Do You Need an Appointment to Obtain Your Passport Photos at Rite Aid?

In order to get your picture taken, you may either stroll into a Rite Aid or buy one online at any time. You can often go in and get what you need without an appointment. Ordering online is also possible if you already have a relevant image on your phone.

Although it is suggested that you contact and inquire with your local store before presuming that it can process passport photographs, this will prevent any unnecessary problems.

Can Online Passport Photos Be Taken at Rite Aid?

The Rite Aid website allows you to order a print of a photo you already have on your phone and have it delivered to your home for free.

Obviously, this will take a little longer than ordering it in-store, when they can usually print it straight immediately.

There is a third-party source you will need to consult to check that the photo is suitable for use on a passport.

This is something for which the government has very strict rules and regulations in place. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of them accessible. Of course, you’ll have to walk inside the store to get your picture taken if you want it.

Find out if Rite Aid offers stamps and cigarettes, or if CVS takes passport photographs to broaden your scope of knowledge.

Bottom Line

The photo department of Rite Aid is capable of producing a wide range of images. Fortunately, passport images fit this bill.

It’s up to you to guarantee that your photo is shot to the exact specifications and printed at the correct size.

Online ordering through the Rite Aid app or website is also an option if you already have a suitable photo in your digital camera.

David Krug