Does Petsmart Sell Tarantulas

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Even a first-time pet owner may take care of a tarantula because they’re cheap and simple to care for.

To find out if you can buy tarantulas from PetSmart, how much they cost, and other information, continue reading.

In the year 2022, will PetSmart still be selling tarantulas?

In 2022, PetSmart will offer tarantulas in its stores and online platforms. The cost of a tarantula ranges from $27 to $70, and as a new owner, you may have to shell out more money for supplies and equipment. 

Customers may choose from a wide variety of species, and most of them can survive for up to ten years if properly cared for.

Learn more about the PetSmart tarantulas for sale, including how much they cost, how to acquire them, and more!

Tarantulas are available for purchase at PetSmart.

A tarantula may be purchased at certain PetSmart locations if they have any in stock at the moment.

They’re also available for purchase online and may be picked up at your local PetSmart shop or delivered.

PetSmart has tarantulas available for adoption that have been returned and are looking for a home.

What Tarantula Types Can I Purchase at PetSmart?

The American Curly Haired tarantula, the Mexican Red Knee tarantula, and the Pink Toe tarantulas are all available at PetSmart. Please keep in mind that your favorite kind may not be available at all times.

How much do tarantulas at PetSmart cost?

The price you pay for a tarantula at PetSmart will vary on the variety that is currently on sale. These are average pricing for a variety of tarantula species.

  • American Curly Haired Tarantula – $39.99.
  • Pink Toe Tarantula – $29.99
  • Mexican Red Knee Tarantula – $69.99.

Your tarantula will necessitate further expenditures in the form of accessories and supplies.

What Tarantula Accessories Can I Purchase at PetSmart?

A lot of stuff you’ll need for your Tarantula may be found at your local PetSmart store. There aren’t many tarantula-specific items available at this pet store.

Most of these materials are also used by insects kept as pets, so you won’t have to worry about not finding what you’re looking for.

The following are the essentials for keeping a pet tarantula:

  • An enclosure
  • Substrate
  • Décor
  • Food and water bowls
  • Feeding tongs
  • Heaters and thermometer
  • Tarantula plants

Is Tarantula Food Available at PetSmart?

Tarantula food isn’t listed on PetSmart’s website, so you’ll need to ask your local PetSmart shop if they carry it.

It is true that tarantulas feed on insects like crickets and beetles as well as other small spiders and lizards. And they only eat every few days or weeks.

With the proper care and attention, feeding your Tarantula may be a terrific method to keep unwanted pests out of your house.

How can I shop for tarantulas at PetSmart?

Just like other pets and supplies, you may purchase a Tarantula from PetSmart in-store or online.

Find out whether your local PetSmart has tarantulas by visiting the PetSmart website. If you prefer, you may enquire about the product in person and make a purchase.

Buying a Tarantula from a reputable internet retailer is simple. It’s as simple as going to the desired specimen’s page and browsing it.

To buy or pick up the item, simply click on the “Buy” or “Pickup” button on the next page.

A few specimens are only accessible in person, such as the American curly-haired tarantula, so keep that in mind when shopping.

Find a pickup place near you by following the instructions and then pay for your item and get instructions on how to get it.

Can I Bring My Tarantula Back to PetSmart?

A live animal must be returned within 14 days and to the PetSmart shop where it was purchased.

Please bring a receipt and some kind of identification, as well as the animal itself, to the event.

PetSmart will only provide a refund if you used the same payment method to make the original transaction.

A reward card valid for in-store purchases may also be offered by PetSmart. Alternatively, you may receive a new tarantula.

What Are PetSmart Tarantulas’ Characteristics?

The tarantulas in PetSmart’s assortment have a few characteristics that make them easier to care for:

TarantulaAv. Life SpanAv. Adult SizeMin. Habitat SizeDiet
American Curly Haired4-20 years 4-6 inches long including leg span5-10 gallonsInsects and tiny invertebrates
Mexican Red Knee4-20 years 4-6 inches including leg span5-10 gallonsInsects and tiny invertebrates
Pink Toe4-20 years4-6 inches including leg span5-10 gallonsInsects and tiny invertebrates

In order to feed tarantulas at dusk, when they are most active, it is best to do it at night.

Am I Required to Be 18 to Purchase a Tarantula?

A tarantula, or any other pet, will not be sold to a person under the age of 18 who is not accompanied by an adult.

Most people believe that children under the age of 18 need the supervision of an adult to properly care for a pet.

Where Else Can a Tarantula Be Purchased?

Some of PetSmart’s major competitors, some of whom offer a more complete range of the pet than PetSmart, all sell tarantulas. Breeders in your area may also sell their wares.

PetSmart grooming pricing, pet duck sales, and pet hedgehog sales are some topics we’ve covered if you’re interested in finding out more.

Bottom Line

With their low cost, ease of care, and low price, they are perfect pets for first-time owners. Tarantulas It is possible to purchase spiders, accessories, and materials from PetSmart in order to give them a go.

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