Does Petsmart Sell Hedgehogs

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As one of the leading pet stores in the United States, PetSmart sells everything from hamsters, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, fish, and much more, as well as a wide variety of pet supplies.

What if, on the other hand, you’d prefer to have a pet hedgehog instead? Can you buy one from PetSmart? Here’s what I found out after doing some digging!

In 2022, will PetSmart be selling hedgehogs?

Although PetSmart does not currently sell hedgehogs in-store or online, the retailer does offer a wide variety of hedgehog-related products. Customer should verify that their state does not prohibit hedgehog ownership before purchasing hedgehogs from local breeders and animal shelters.

Keep reading to find out why PetSmart doesn’t sell hedgehogs, where you can buy hedgehogs, and what other animals PetSmart sells to its clients.

Why Aren’t Hedgehogs Sold as Pets at PetSmart?

Customers at PetSmart can only purchase “domesticated” animals because of a company policy.

PetSmart does not carry or sell hedgehogs because they are considered ‘non-traditional.’

Small pets like mice and rats are sold by the pet retailer, as well as hamsters and guinea pig.

The fact that hedgehogs are banned as pets in some states and cities in the United States may also be a factor in PetSmart’s refusal to stock them.

A permit is required in states like New Jersey, Arizona and Maine if you want to keep a hedgehog as a pet. Some states don’t allow hedgehogs as pets at all, including California, Georgia, and Hawaii.

Is PetSmart still a place I can get supplies for my hedgehog?

Hedgehogs aren’t available at PetSmart, but you can get supplies for your pet there and online at

You’ll find bedding, hay, toys, food, and water bottles for hedgehogs in the’small pets’ section of the online store.

In addition, PetSmart offers online learning services for small pet owners, such as nutrition advice, care guides, travel advice, and supply checklists.

Are Hedgehogs for Pets Available in My Area?

Private breeders in your area are your best bet for finding an adorable hedgehog to bring into your home as a pet.

Hedgehogs can be raised and cared for by these breeders, so they should be your first choice if you want to purchase one as a pet.

You can also find hedgehogs as pets in pet stores, animal shelters, and at your local veterinarian, all of which are in your community.

To the surprise of many, chain pet stores like PetSmart sell hedgehogs online as well.

PetSmart carries a wide range of animals.

PetSmart may not have hedgehogs for sale, but it does have a wide variety of other animals.

What animals are available for adoption or purchase at your local PetSmart?

Snakes, geckos, frogs, and turtles are examples of reptiles.

Aquarium fish species such as angels, goldfish and tetras

birds, such as finches and parakeets

Rats, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, and hamsters are all examples of small pets.

In addition to these, PetSmart offers a local cat and dog adoption service.

In addition, you can read our posts on the availability of Axolotls, cats and kittens, and ducks at PetSmart for more information.

Is PetSmart a Hedgehog Retailer?

Due to PetSmart’s official policy, live hedgehogs are not sold as pets because they are considered “non-traditional” by the company. Hedgehog ownership is also subject to restrictions in some states.

Hedgehog supplies are still available in-store and online at PetSmart, along with a wide variety of other small pets. Local breeders and independent pet stores are the best places to buy hedgehogs as pets.

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