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Does Petsmart Groom Cats

By David Krug 5 minute read

Grooming services for cats and dogs at PetSmart are among the best in the United States, according to the company.

Getting your pet groomed at PetSmart may have you wondering: what are the fees and what does the service entail for those who want to do so? The following is the conclusion I’ve preached!

Prices for Pet Grooming Services at PetSmart in 2022

As of 2022, PetSmart charges between $76 and $89.99 to groom small, medium, and big dogs. If you want, you may pay $40.99 – $49.99 for a dog wash at PetSmart. Nail trimming, teeth brushing, and shampooing are all included in the pet grooming services offered by PetSmart. 

Grooming a cat can cost anything from $15 to $60. What is included in a complete groom at PetSmart, how to make an appointment and much more are all covered in this article!

What options does PetSmart provide for grooming?

In addition to comprehensive grooming for cats and dogs and lesser services like nail clipping, PetSmart provides a variety of grooming options.

You can get your pet a bespoke appearance with PetSmart’s Pet Expressions program, which provides a variety of options.

PetSmart employs temporary chalking, stenciling, and feathering grooming procedures to convert your pet into these appearances.

How much does grooming a dog at PetSmart cost?

PetSmart’s grooming prices are based on the size of the dog or puppy being serviced. PetSmart charges $40.99 to bathe a small, medium, and a big dog, while an extra-large dog or puppy costs $49.99.

Thorough grooming at PetSmart is also priced based on the dog’s size. An extra-large dog’s full grooming will cost $89.99, while a small, medium or big dog would cost $76, and so on.

When you come to PetSmart for your dog’s grooming appointment, the groomers will be able to tell you exactly what size your pet is.

There appears to be no difference in the cost of grooming for small and medium-sized dogs, according to our data.

How Much Does PetSmart Charge to Groom a Cat?

Additional costs include $20 for a PAWdicure and $26 for a PAWdicure Plus. Alternatively, you may spend $60 to have your cat or kitten’s nails, paws, teeth, ears, and other parts of their body completely groomed by a professional salon.

Which is cheaper for grooming: Petco or PetSmart?

Cat and dog grooming at PetSmart and Petco are priced similarly, with both businesses offering a bath and complete grooming service for the same cost.

Petco charges $25 for a small dog, $35 for a medium dog, and $45 for a big dog, compared to $40.99 for a small, medium, or large dog at PetSmart.

Additionally, a bath for an extra-large dog costs $49.99 at PetSmart but $55 at Petco. PetSmart charges $76 for a small, medium, or big dog’s full grooming, and $89.99 for an extra-large dog.

Dog grooming services at Petco range from $45 for small and medium dogs to $80 for the largest breeds.

According to this, it appears that Petco is more affordable for little dogs to be bathed and groomed than PetSmart is for bigger dogs.

What does a full groom at PetSmart include?

If you want to ensure that your pet’s health and cleanliness are at their best, a thorough groom at PetSmart is an excellent alternative. Shampooing and blow-drying are included in the service, as is the use of an oxygen-infused shampoo.

To round up the experience, PetSmart’s full groom includes a 15-minute brushing and a short facial trim.

Your cat or dog’s ears may be cleaned at PetSmart by having the hair removed, the ears flushed, and the paws cared for using scissors to trim the nails and shave the paw pads if necessary.

Sanitary trim and anal gland cleaning are also included with the full groom at PetSmart.

Should I tip the PetSmart groomers?

Customers on the internet say that tipping your groomer is a good idea since it shows that you appreciate and value their job, and $20 seems to be a reasonable amount.

Alternatively, you may provide a ten percent discount on the total bill. An extra-large dog’s grooming bill may necessitate an eight- or nine-dollar gratuity.

Do I Need To Pay At Petsmart For A Grooming Appointment?

A deposit or appointment fee is not required for any grooming services at PetSmart Customers are welcome to use the facilities without an appointment. Any items purchased by customers are also included in the service fee.

To help you choose what kind of grooming service your pet needs, you may schedule a free consultation with a pet groomer professional.

How long does PetSmart’s grooming take?

Grooming at PetSmart is said to take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the pet and the service you select. The grooming process might take a while, so be sure to plan your vacation carefully and allow enough time for it.

How Does PetSmart Perform Grooming?

As a general rule, the grooming procedure at PetSmart often involves an initial inspection of your pet, which can range anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

Next, the PetSmart stylists will brush and clip your pet’s hair, cut its nails, and clean its ears for up to 30 minutes before bath time. You may expect a pleasant 30-minute bath after your pet has been groomed at PetSmart.

The PetSmart groomer will use a customized wash and conditioner to meet your pet’s specific needs throughout this procedure. This process may take up to 30 minutes, depending on how thoroughly your pet is cleaned.

Once your pet has been fully washed, the groomer will give them a final haircut and tailoring, which might take over 30 minutes to accomplish.

What Should I Bring to the PetSmart Grooming Facility?

Proof of immunizations provided at least 48 hours before arriving at PetSmart is necessary to get a grooming service from a PetSmart stylist. For your pet’s comfort and enjoyment, consider bringing some goodies with you.

It’s important to know that PetSmart employees may accommodate your requests for a certain style or cut for your pet by using a reference photo.

If you did not pay online, you’ll also need a valid credit or debit card from one of the following networks: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

Check out PetSmart’s service offerings, such as whether or not they groom rabbits and guinea pigs, as well as whether or not you may tip the pet groomers at PetSmart.

Bottom Line

Bathing and complete grooming, which include washing, drying, and styling your pet, are two of the many grooming options available at PetSmart.

For the most part, keep in mind that PetSmart is capable of grooming dogs and cats and can customize the experience to suit your pet’s breed, age, and needs.

David Krug