Does PetSmart Cut Guinea Pig Nails

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PetSmart is well-known in the United States for selling a wide range of pets, including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and hamsters, as well as pet food, care, and grooming services all under one roof.

In that case, you may be wondering if PetSmart provides guinea pig grooming services if your pet is in need of a makeover. Discover what I’ve learned through my investigation in the following paragraphs.

Does PetSmart Groom Guinea Pigs In 2022?

Guinness Pig Grooming Services are not available at PetSmart as of 2022. For guinea pig owners, PetSmart offers a wide variety of grooming tools, including brushes and clippers. Customers may also take their guinea pigs to a doctor or a pet groomer to get them groomed.

In this article, you’ll find out more about where you can take your pig for grooming, which animals PetSmart can groom, and how to do it yourself.

When and How Should I Bathe My Guinea Pig?

Grooming services for guinea pigs might cost you anything from $10 to $20 if you take your pet to your local veterinarian.

Alternatively, there may be guinea pig groomers in your area that specialize in pet grooming, with charges that are often more expensive than vets’ prices.

How Do I Groom My Guinea Pig?

Grooming your guinea pig yourself at home, which might entail things like brushing, washing, and clipping nails, is an additional option to consider.

Once a week, you should brush and comb your guinea pigs and clip their nails roughly once a month to keep them healthy and happy. Also, keep in mind that you can use scissors to clip lengthy hair to keep it from dragging and matting, which would otherwise collect dirt.

To keep your guinea pig clean, it is advised that you bathe him once a month in the summer and twice a month in the winter using a parasite shampoo.

Where Can I Get A Guinea Pigs?

Customers may purchase and take home a variety of guinea pigs from PetSmart.
PetSmart does not sell them online; they may only be purchased in-store for around $45 each.

The guinea pigs’ sizes, genders, and colors also vary from store to store. PetSmart has a wide variety of guinea pig supplies in addition to the critters themselves. A valid government-issued picture ID is required to show your age when purchasing a guinea pig or any other live animal from PetSmart.

At PetSmart, how much does a grooming session cost?

Cat and dog grooming services are presently exclusively available at PetSmart. From $40 to $60, you may have a basic bath and full grooming for cats and kittens. PetSmart charges consumers based on the size of the dog when it comes to their pets. Dog owners at PetSmart often spend $40-$50 for a wash and $76-$90 for full grooming.

As a Petsmart reward member, you may be eligible for discounts and vouchers on grooming services. Apart from that, PetSmart gives its clients other discounts, such as those for veterans and seniors, on specific days.

Bottom Line

Grooming for guinea pigs is not available at Petsmart. Find a professional guinea pig groomer in your region or make an appointment with your nearest veterinary clinic to get your pet groomed. The health of guinea pigs depends on regular grooming.

Customers of PetSmart may get their cats and dogs groomed on-site at participating locations. Grooming guinea pigs isn’t an option at PetSmart, but they do have the animals and a variety of supplies to keep them healthy and happy.

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