Does Petco Sell Axolotls

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Many kinds of amphibians may be purchased from Petco’s extensive selection of pets, pet food, and pet accessories.

It’s common for people to keep axolotls as pets because they’re an unusual species, and many axolotl enthusiasts love caring for them. You should read this if you’re thinking about acquiring a axolotl, and you’re thinking about going to Petco.

Does Petco have axolotls in 2022?

There will be no axolotls for sale at Petco in 2022. As axolotls are extremely rare, this isn’t out of the ordinary, but some Petco stores may be able to obtain a limited supply from local sources. Additionally, axolotls are difficult to keep in captivity for people that don’t have experience caring for them. Ask your veterinarian or exotic pet breeder for advice on where to get one of these fascinating creatures.

If you want to learn more about axolotls and how you can get one of your own, keep reading!

Why doesn’t Petco sell axolotls?

Due to the endangered status of the axolotl in some places, Petco may not stock axolotls since they are not allowed to be sold or kept. Axolotls are not a viable business for Petco and most other pet retailers because of their unusual character and the limits imposed by legislation in some jurisdictions.

Keeping axolotls alive at a shop is also challenging since they demand temperature settings that differ from those needed by the majority of snakes and lizards.

Where can I buy an axolotl?

In certain areas, including California, Maine, New Jersey, and Virginia, axolotls are unlawful to sell or retain because they are an endangered species.

To put it simply, axolotls aren’t a profitable business for Petco and most other pet retailers because of their unusual character and state-imposed limitations.

Axolotls, like most snakes and lizards, require temperature settings that are distinct from those required by most other reptiles. This makes it difficult to maintain them alive at retail establishments.

If you want an axolotl, you need to be careful not to acquire a fake. Customers who buy pets from Petco assume they are getting axolotls instead of tiger salamanders, but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this happen. Some amphibians resemble each other.

  1. When someone can no longer care for an axolotl, you can find them at your local animal shelter and apply for adoption.
  2. Axolotls, for example, can be found at less popular pet stores, such as smaller, independently owned establishments.
  3. Breeders who raise their own animals — Axolotls, like other exotic pets, can be purchased from private breeders. Consider purchasing one from a reliable breeder who adheres to all applicable regulations before purchasing one.
  4. Consult with a veterinarian — An axolotl can be found through your local veterinarian, who may know of reliable sources for purchasing one or who may know of someone willing to part with their own.
  5. You may get unusual pets like axolotls at animal expos and other such events. Other axolotl aficionados will be on hand, in addition to the private breeders who will have their stock on exhibit.
  6. Look for an undesired axolotl on the internet. You can identify folks in your neighborhood who are willing to part with their pet axolotl by searching online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. There’s less risk of being conned if the site doesn’t charge a fee.

How much does an axolotl cost?

Axolotl prices can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, but basic, healthy axolotls range in price from $30 to $75, while more exotic varieties cost $100 to $200.

When it comes to Axolotl pricing, there is a lot of variation based on the color and breed. Besides the initial cost of axolotls, extra charges such as the purchase of an adequate tank and material are required. You can get a 20-gallon tank for around $100 to $120 at a reputable retailer.

If you want to keep your aquarium clean, you’ll also need to get a filter. Between $30 and $50, you may purchase filters.

Feeding an axolotl is an additional expense. You may see axolotls in the wild eating anything from snails to tiny fish to even salmon fish pellets. They are carnivores. Depending on the style and quantity, food might cost anywhere from $5 to $30.

Does Petco sell tank supplies for axolotls?

You can get axolotl supplies at Petco. Since they work for a wide variety of fish and amphibian pets, not only axolotls, all of the things described in the preceding section are available at Petco.

Axolotls are aquarium fish that may grow to a length of slightly over a foot. As a result, you’ll need a tank that can contain between 10 and 20 gallons of water, along with some pebbles or small rocks to line the bottom. Petco sells a variety of aquariums that are viable for for your axolotl’s tank. You can not keep axolotls in a cage, as they are aquatic animals and live their entire lives underwater.

You can also get a nice log as a hiding location for your pet axolotl at Petco. You don’t need to place a perching place outside of the water, as axolotls never leave the water to crawl onto dry land, despite having both lungs and gills.

Petco also has a variety of additional pet supplies for your axolotl, including plants, filters, thermometers, and treatment materials to keep their habitat comfortable and safe.

Does Petco sell food supplies for axolotls?

Your Petco store does sell food supplies for pet axolotls. Axolotls eat small crustaceans, small fish, earthworms, and dried axolotl food. You can also feed your axolotl the occasional frozen shrimp or raw hamburger meat that has been rolled into a ball as a treat.

When your visit your local Petco, you can ask one of the professionals there what types of small crustaceans (like brine shrimp) and small fish are acceptable food sources for your axolotl, as some fish and other aquatic life can harm your axolotl, and you should do what you can to protect their fragile limbs in order to help them survive longer. Some freshwater life can also give your axolotl parasites.

Does Petco sell any amphibians or lizards as pets?

Yes, the pet store Petco regularly carries a variety of amphibians and lizards as pets, such as different species of salamander (such as the popular tiger salamander) or geckos. You can also get iguanas, bearded dragons, or chameleons for a reasonable amount of money.

Petco also carries all of the supplies you will need to care for any of these pets, and can educate you on the basics for caring for them, such as what they eat, what kind of habitat they need, and what other services that Petco can offer you to care for your new pet.

We recommend reading our previous articles about Petco’s reptiles, such as where they get their reptiles or how much Petco charges for iguanas, if you would like to learn more.

Bottom Line

Sadly, axolotls aren’t often sold by Petco, but private breeders, small pet stores, recommendations from your local veterinarian, exotic animal exhibitions, and local owners wishing to rehome their animals are all good places to start looking.

For a few hundred dollars, you could buy an axolotl. axolotl materials, including tanks, pebbles, live worms, temperature sensors and treatment chemicals, may be purchased from Petco.

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