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It’s a practice that many pet owners, as well as animal rights organizations, believe in. We are fortunate in that Petco offers a wide range of animal health and welfare-related products and services to our valued customers. The results of our investigation show that spaying and neutering may be one of them!

In 2022, does Petco spay and neuter cats and dogs?

In 2022, Petco will begin neutering and spaying cats and dogs at veterinarian hospitals. Adopting a dog or cat from an animal rescue shelter increases the likelihood that your new pet has already been spayed or neutered. Both spaying and neutering can cost anywhere from $35 to $100, depending on the type of procedure. 

You may use your pet’s insurance to pay for these procedures. Petco offers a variety of payment choices, as well as information on the procedure and other important details.

How Much Does Spaying a Cat at Petco Cost?

Depending on where you live, the cost of neutering a cat at Petco varies. Depending on where you live, you may have to pay more for the treatment than in other areas.

According to whether or not Petco is running a campaign encouraging pet owners in the area to bring their animals in for spaying, prices can vary.

According to the national average, the cost of spaying a cat in a Petco store is between between $300 and $500.

The reason for this is that Petco personnel work with veterinarians to provide pet healthcare. At Petco, neutering a cat would cost about $200. There is no surgery involved with neutering a cat at Petco compared to the expense of spaying it.

If you’re adopting a cat from Petco for the first time, you should expect to pay somewhere between $50 and $150 for the cat to be spayed. In most cases, the shelter will have already spayed or neutered the cat if it has been there for a long time.

How Much Does Petco Charge to Spay a Dog?

According on where you reside and who does the service, a spay or neuter at Petco costs a different amount depending on the price. Animal shelters and Petco’s in-store veterinarians each charge varying fees for the canines that Petco obtains.

As a result, the cost of spaying your dog at Petco might range anywhere from $50 to $500. It costs between $50 and $80 to neuter a dog at Petco, which is far less expensive than a veterinarian.

In comparison to spaying, neutering a dog at Petco is less expensive since it does not require surgery. Most Petco-affiliated shelters have cheaper fees than regular veterinary practices because they are supported by contributions and grants.

If the dog has been in the shelter for a long time, they may have already done the surgery, saving you the cost.

Does insurance cover sterilization procedures?

If you have a package that includes spaying and neutering, your pet insurance will cover the operations. You may get your pet’s health care from any veterinarian, including spaying and neutering, with Petco Insurance.

How can I obtain a Petco voucher for spaying?

Your veterinarian or local animal shelter should be able to present you with a Petco voucher to use toward spaying or neutering an animal. The Petco Spay Today 2000 campaign was launched more over two decades ago, and many sites on the issue still refer to it.

To help animal shelters and veterinarians, Petco provides grants and donations that may be used to pay for these operations. Because it isn’t a coupon from a bargain site or through following Petco on social media, a Petco voucher for spaying or neutering is not the same as any other.

For this reason, they are normally created with a limited supply and distributed to persons in the immediate vicinity of the beneficiary organization’s operations. For you to obtain a voucher, one of the groups that got the funds would have to send one to you as part of a drive or other campaign for you to redeem at their locations.

This coupon can either minimize the cost of the operation for all pets, or it can be utilized to save a significant amount of money, depending on your pet’s needs. Trap, neuter, and release activities on stray animals might also be done using the money they get.

The treatment is carried out here on stray cats before they are released back into the neighborhood to help control the number. It’s not safe to assume that the local animal shelter or vet facility that received a contribution from Petco will be distributing vouchers, so you should verify first.

To learn more about Petco, you may read our blogs on whether or not Petco sells cats and kittens, the cost of dog training at Petco, and whether or not Petco offers tuition aid.

Bottom Line

In an effort to reduce the number of animals on the streets, Petco performs sterilization procedures on both cats and dogs.

To neuter a cat, you’ll pay roughly $200 whether you obtain it from an animal rescue organization or from a veterinarian.

Between $50 to $500, Petco charges for a dog to be spayed or neutered. Because neutering doesn’t need surgery, it’s less expensive than spaying.

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