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Does Petco Groom Rabbits

By David Krug 4 minute read

Grooming is one of the support services offered by Petco in addition to living pets and their accessories and supplies.

In order to maintain domestic rabbits healthy, they must be groomed on a regular basis. If you’re unsure if you can bring your rabbit to Petco for a haircut, stay reading for more information!

In 2022, will Petco maintain rabbits?

In 2022, Petco will still not be grooming bunnies. If you want to do your rabbit’s grooming yourself, you can get everything you need from Petco’s shops or website, including shampoo and nail trimmers. 

If you’re not confident in your grooming abilities, you may always take your rabbit to a professional groomer or a veterinarian facility that specializes in rabbit grooming.

In this article, you’ll learn why Petco does not provide rabbit grooming as well as where you may take your pet.

Why does Petco not groom rabbits?

There is a good chance that Petco does not provide grooming services for rabbits due to the delicate nature of their skin.

An injury to the rabbit during grooming would force Petco to take care of the injured animal, which might lead to an array of problems.

Additionally, grooming would eat up too much time from the groomers’ schedules, putting them in danger of injury or illness.

Since pet grooming for rabbits is less popular than pet grooming for dogs, Petco may find it difficult to make a profit from this niche market.

Does Petco Trim the Nails of Rabbits?

However, Petco does not provide a service to cut rabbits’ nails. Because of the reasons outlined above, the firm does not offer nail clipping services for rabbits, despite the fact that it does for dogs.

Trimming your rabbit’s nails at home is easy if you use Petco’s tools and the advice they’ve provided for newcomers.

Groomers at Petco may be able to come and cut your rabbit’s nails at your home if you inquire about their availability.

If your veterinarian is unable to clip your rabbit’s nails, they can recommend a reputable establishment that does so. Your bunny’s nails can also be cut by a skilled animal groomer.

Does Petco sell supplies for grooming rabbits?

In addition to clippers and shampoo, Petco also offers cage cleaners and other items for rabbit grooming.

Shop for rabbit grooming products at Petco’s website. To see what’s available in your area, stop by a Petco shop.

How Should a Rabbit Be Groomed?

When it comes to rabbit grooming, there are a number of measures that may be taken, the most basic of which include combing the rabbit’s fur, clipping its nails, and cleaning its ears and smell glands.

Petco has everything you need for the entire process. It is important to brush your pet’s fur regularly to eliminate any extra fur.

Every week, rabbits must be brushed. Begin by softly stroking the rabbit’s fur with your free hand as you continue to pet and comfort it.

When combing the rabbit’s fur, be sure to clean the region around the eyes with wet cotton balls and check the ears to see if any hair fell in there.

Runaway hair and wax may be cleaned off using cotton wipes. It is necessary to regularly clean the rabbit’s smell glands to prevent blockage and an unpleasant odor.

To eliminate buildup from the scent glands, locate the two small slits on either side of the genitals using a Q-tip or cotton ball bathed in mineral oil.

Using nail clippers or an emery board, trim a rabbit’s nails by putting it in a comfortable posture and gently cutting the nails with your hands.

Where Can My Rabbit Get Groomed?

For rabbits, most small, privately owned pet shops provide grooming services. Groomers are frequently able to perform in-home rabbit grooming if they are not authorized to do so at a pet store.

Another option is to ask your veterinarian or have them conduct the grooming yourself. Some mobile groomers will come to your home and groom your rabbit. This is an option.

Finding results can be found by searching for flyers in your neighborhood or through online classifieds such as Craigslist.

How Much Does Grooming a Rabbit Cost?

Grooming a rabbit includes a variety of services, and the cost is mostly determined by the services provided, the health of the rabbit, and the amount of time it takes.

Grooming expenses may vary from service provider to service provider, however, we’ve discovered that they are typical as follows:

  1. Bunny package for short hair – $17 to $20 for a basic haircut, scent gland clean-up, nail clip, and health check.
    Hair Bunny Package – $25 to $30 – Detangling, Trimming, Scent Glands Clean, Nail Clipping, and Health Check
  2. Detangling, nail clipping, scent gland cleansing, and a health check are all included in this $35-$40 package for the back.

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 Bottom Line

However, rabbits cannot be groomed at Petco. Possibly because rabbits’ skin is so delicate and thin that grooming would need a tremendous deal of patience and knowledge that would take away from the groomers’ ability to care for other animals, like dogs, who would otherwise be neglected.

There is also the potential of injuring the rabbits while grooming, which would expose them to a wide range of problems.

David Krug