Does Meijer Sell Propane Tanks

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In the event that you run out of propane, you can usually find a convenient refill option at your local retailer.

Check out this article to learn more about where you can refill your empty propane tank, whether Meijer is one of those retailers, and where else you can do so!

In the year 2022, will Meijer still be offering propane exchanges?

In 2022, you will only be able to buy a Coleman Propane Tank from Meijer if you want to exchange your propane tank. You can, however, exchange your propane from a number of different retailers that provide the service. Some retailers’ store locators, such as Blue Rhino or Amerigas, can help you locate them.

Find out where you can exchange or fill up your propane tank, as well as the exchange cost, by reading on!

Is Meijer an option for exchanging my propane tank?

The Coleman Propane Tank is listed for sale on Meijer’s company website, but no information is provided as to whether or not they can be exchanged.

Meijer doesn’t appear to be able to exchange your propane tank. However, the Coleman Propane Tank, popular among campers, is a highly portable option.

Do I Have to Go to Meijer to Exchange Propane?

Most gas stations and retailers across the country, with the exception of Meijer, will let you exchange your empty propane tank for a full one.

The following are some of the exchange points:

  • Lowe’s Improvement Stores
  • Ferrellgas
  • In Seattle Propane
  • Walmart

Using Amerigas’ store locator will help you locate a gas station that accepts your brand.

It is possible to locate a nearby station that will exchange your gas using Blue Rhino’s store locator.

Exactly how much does Meijer charge for a Propane Refill?

There are no propane tank exchanges at It does, however, sell Coleman Propane Tanks when they are in stock.

The prices for these vary depending on where you live, the availability of the item, and whether you purchased it on

There are many factors that contribute to the price of your propane that you may not have previously considered.

Meijer’s listing for a Coleman Propane Fuel Tank costs $5.49. The two-pack of Coleman Propane Tanks is priced at $10.79 each.

What Are My Options for Changing My Propane at Meijer?

You can’t get a new propane tank at Meijer if yours is empty.

Please call ahead to see if they can help you dispose of the empty cylinder while you select a new one.

Tell a member of the staff that you’d like to get rid of your tank, and they’ll direct you in the right direction.

Propane tanks are not specifically mentioned in Meijer’s delivery and pickup services, but they are available.

A propane tank purchase may be eligible for those services, so be sure to inquire.

To my house?

Due to age restrictions, Meijer does not offer propane home delivery.

In order to get your tank to you in a timely manner, it depends on where you live and when you place your order.

When you place your order, make sure to indicate that you want it delivered to your home. Where to dispose of your empty propane tank is clearly explained.

Additionally, you can have your propane exchange delivered to your home or picked up from other suppliers.

When will Meijer be open for propane exchanges?

Meijer does not offer propane exchanges, but you can purchase a tank there when the store is open.

It’s easy to shop at Meijer because it’s open from 8.00 AM to 10.00 PM every day of the week.

Deliveries and pickups are only available during business hours, even if you order online. Plan ahead to avoid running out of gas at the worst possible time.

Are There Any Propane Brands That Meijer Will Accept for Exchange?

The Coleman brand of propane is the only one available at Meijer, and it must be purchased, not exchanged.

Is Meijer’s Propane Cheaper?

A cylinder of propane typically costs $4 to exchange. Lowe’s Home Improvement charges the most, at $6.98, while Walmart charges the least, at $2.92.

While Meijer’s prices for a similar cylinder are around $5 to buy, not exchange; if purchased in two or four-packs, they are even less expensive.

There is no evidence that Meijer’s prices are either the highest or the lowest in this study. In comparison to the average, they’re a tad higher.

Check out our posts on whether or not Tractor Supply refills propane tanks, whether or not Ace Hardware fills and exchanges propane tanks, and whether or not Lowe’s refills propane tanks for more information.

Bottom Line

In-store refilling and exchanging of propane tanks is not permitted at Meijer during its operating hours. All propane brands can be exchanged with other options such as Blue Rhino and AmeriGas, however

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