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Does McDonalds Take Apple Pay

By David Krug 4 minute read

More than 100 countries around the world now have McDonald’s restaurants, making it one of the world’s most popular chains.

What about Apple Pay? Have you ever wondered if McDonald’s has kept up with the times and accepts the system? The answer is in the following paragraphs!

In 2022, Will McDonald’s Accept Apple Pay?

As of 2022, McDonald’s will accept Apple Pay at the majority of its global locations. Apple Pay is accepted in-store, on McDonald’s mobile app, and in drive-thru at McDonald’s. Select iPhones and Apple Watches are compatible.

Here’s everything you need to know about how Apple Pay works at McDonald’s, including whether or not it’s available in-store and at the drive-thru.

At McDonald’s, How Does Apple Pay work?

No matter how you order your food, you can use Apple Pay to pay quickly at McDonald’s in the same way you would at any other retailer that accepts mobile payments.

Apple Pay is now accepted at McDonald’s drive-thru and in-store, making it even more convenient for customers.

How Does Apple Pay Work In The McDonald’s App?

When you’re within 5 miles of a McDonald’s location, you’ll see a section called Mobile Order & Pay in the McDonald’s app.

If you’ve already placed your order and are using an iOS device with an Apple Pay-linked credit or debit card, you can pay using Apple Pay at the time of checkout.

You won’t be charged for anything you order if it isn’t available because the app automatically removes items that aren’t available at the location you’re near.

Is Apple Pay Accepted at McDonald’s?

All McDonald’s customers are able to use Apple Pay, and it’s just as easy as using a debit or credit card.

It’s as simple as swiping or inserting your credit or debit card on a normal point of sale machine when you’re standing at the counter with your order ready to go.

When you hear a ping, you’ll see a green checkmark on the point of sale machine, similar to when you use a credit or debit card.

Your iOS device will display “done” and a checkmark to show that your McDonald’s order was successfully completed using Apple Pay. That’s how simple it is.

In the Drive-Thru, how does Apple Pay work?

At McDonald’s drive-thru, Apple Pay is as easy and convenient as it is in-store. Driving up to the speaker and placing your order as usual is the first step.

Just walk up to the window and tell the cashier that you’re using Apple Pay to pay for your order.

A contactless card reader will be presented to you, where you can complete your purchase using Apple Pay. You’re not required to hand over your phone in any way at this point!

At McDonald’s, can you use your Apple Watch to pay with Apple Pay?

You’ll be pleased to learn that your Apple Watch can be used to pay for items at McDonald’s with Apple Pay. The Apple Watch can be used in-store, in the drive-thru, and even at the self-service station.

The regular card reader or contactless card reader can be used in the store, at the self-service kiosk, or at the drive-thru by simply holding your Apple Watch over top of it until the transaction is completed.

Is it safe to use Apple Pay at McDonalds?

As with any other payment method, you can use Apple Pay at McDonald’s just like you can anywhere else.

It’s also important to remember that no payment method is absolutely secure, especially when it comes to fraud. A traditional debit or credit card does not have Apple Pay’s multiple layers of fraud prevention that Apple Pay does have.

If you don’t have a fingerprint, Face ID, or a password, you can’t use Apple Pay. Neither you nor your iOS device are handed over at any point in the transaction.

Because of these safeguards, Apple Pay is the best option for McDonald’s orders no matter how you place your order.

How Do You Set Up Apple Pay On Your iOS Device to Use at McDonald’s?

Setting up Apple Pay on your iOS device to be used at McDonald’s is a breeze. Go to your “Settings” and select “Wallet & Apple Pay” from the drop-down menu.

Click “Add Card” and then “Continue.” Then, select the payment method you prefer by clicking “Select.”

Apple Pay allows you to add a credit or debit card by either manually entering the data or by taking a picture of the card’s information. The card is now in Apple Wallet and can be used with Apple Pay after you accept the terms and conditions.

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Bottom Line

McDonald’s accepts Apple Pay as a payment method regardless of whether you use the McDonald’s app, order in-store, or use the drive-thru.

On the other hand, you can use Apple Pay on a self-service kiosk at the McDonald’s location where you’re visiting.

David Krug