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A new uniform dress code was implemented in 2017 for all McDonald’s restaurants in the United States, as part of a number of other improvements and advancements the company was implementing at the time.

In the United States, however, what is the official McDonald’s dress code? Are you interested in finding out if piercings and tattoos are permitted in your area? Keep reading to learn everything there is to know!

What to Wear to a McDonald’s in 2022

McDonald’s employees must wear a gray shirt, gray apron, and gray hat as part of the company’s uniform policy. Also included in the manager’s attire is the tie. Additionally, McDonald’s employees are not allowed to wear jeans, have extreme hair colors, or have facial piercings unless they are permitted by their supervisor.

In case you’ve got any queries about the McDonald’s dress code, please continue reading because I’ve got you covered!

Is There a McDonald’s Uniform?

Workers at McDonald’s are provided with a gray shirt, gray apron, and gray hat to wear. A manager’s outfit will also include a tie, allowing them to be distinguished from the rest of the team.

The uniform at McDonald’s doesn’t come with trousers, so you’ll have to buy them on your own!

Can You Work in Jeans at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s prohibits the wearing of jeans to work and has rigorous restrictions about appropriate trousers.

In addition, McDonald’s prohibits employees from wearing any type of jeans. Therefore, ripped or torn pants are strictly prohibited.

Can Yoga Pants Be Worn to Work at McDonald’s?

In order to work at McDonald’s, you cannot wear leggings of any sort, even yoga pants, because the corporation does not allow leggings of any kind.

Is McDonald’s a Good Place to Work in Running Pants?

If you work at McDonald’s, you can’t wear running pants or any other athletic trousers.

Is McDonald’s a Place Where You Can Wear Cargo Pants?

You cannot wear cargo pants to work at McDonald’s, no matter how black they are.

What Pants Do McDonald’s Employees Wear?

In order to meet McDonald’s dress code guidelines, you must wear professional or good-looking casual black pants, such as business pants for men and women.

Are McDonald’s Employees Allowed to have Facial Piercings?

McDonald’s grooming policy forbids facial piercings such as those near the lips, and you also can’t get a ring or hoop nose pierced there.

However, supervisor approval is required before a normal stud nose piercing may be done.
Your supervisor must provide his or her consent before you may get an eyebrow piercing, even if it is only a little stud or ring.

It’s fairly uncommon for people who acquire piercings but are unable to have them taken out to be instructed to stay at home until they’ve healed sufficiently.

Can McDonald’s workers color their hair?

Employees at McDonald’s aren’t allowed to wear non-natural hair colors since the company prohibits them from using harsh hair dyes.

Colors such as pink and green are out of the question, however a deep magenta may be allowed if it appeared natural

Is McDonald’s a Tattoo-Free Workplace?

If you’re working at McDonald’s, it’s best to cover up your tattoos, especially if they’re more severe or obscene.

Additionally, it is up to the General Manager or Area Supervisor to decide whether or not a tattoo is permissible.

Do McDonald’s Workers Require a Certain Kind of Shoes?

McDonald’s requires you to wear black non-slip shoes as part of your uniform, which you are responsible for purchasing within 30 days of beginning your employment.

McDonald’s also has a “Shoes for Crew” catalog where you may get shoes that will be taken from your salary.

As a McDonald’s Employee, Is Facial Hair Allowed?

Mustaches are acceptable, but they must be trimmed so that they do not reach the top lip, whereas beards are not authorized at all.

Additionally, you may wear a goatee or sideburns as long as they are well-kept and do not extend beyond the earlobe.

Bottom Line

A gray shirt, gray hat, and gray apron, in addition to professional black pants, are required per McDonald’s dress code rules.

Additionally, within 30 days of being recruited, you will need to provide your own pair of black, non-slip shoes. McDonald’s prohibits extreme hair colors and visible tattoos during working hours, and requires hair to be pulled back if it is longer than the shirt collar.

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