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Lowe’s has everything you need to finish your home improvement to-do list, including building supplies, do-it-yourself materials, and equipment for just about any task you can think of.

For those that need carrying equipment, however, Lowe’s may not be the best option. Is Lowe’s a trailer rental company? Here’s all I found out about it after doing some research.

In 2022, will Lowes rent trailers?

Trailers are among the equipment rentals available at Lowe’s. Customers that require a carry-on or dump trailer but lack the necessary storage space would benefit greatly from these trailers. Prices range from $27 to $101 for a four-hour rental and up to a four-week limit. Renting from Lowe’s is made simple with online reservations and prepayments.

Please continue reading to learn more about Lowe’s trailer rentals, including what sizes are available and how much they cost, as well as how to hire a Lowe’s trailer.

Kinds Of Trailers Can You Rent At Lowe’s

If you have a job that requires more hauling capacity, Lowe’s has a variety of utility trailer options for you to choose from.

Lowe’s has three major types of trailers available for in-store customer rental: small load trailers, medium load trailers, and utility trailers.

  • Utility Carry-On Trailer with a High Side.
  • Trailer for Dumping.
  • Dump trailer with two tandem axles.

Customers may rent commercial-grade, name-brand equipment like these trailers for a fraction of the cost through Lowe’s extensive tool rental program.

Designed for tall or heavy loads, these rear-loading open-air variants are composed of sturdy materials and can resist any job.

What Sizes Of Trailers Can You Rent At Lowe’s?

There are three different sizes of rental trailer capacity and bed size to choose from, all using the same ball hitch attachment.

The following dimensions are available for Lowe’s trailer rentals:

  • 5’ x 8’, Carry-On Utility Trailer with 1,625 lbs carry capacity.
  • 5’ x 10’Single Axle Dump Trailer with 3,130 lbs carry capacity.
  • 6’ x 10’Tandem Axle Dump Trailer with 4,540 lbs carry capacity.

How Many Days Can You Rent a Lowe’s Trailer?

For the convenience of its customers, Lowe’s provides hourly and weekly rentals of trailers. Renting a trailer for a short length of time, such as a few hours or a few days, is an option for minor jobs and moving needs.

Lowe’s utility trailers may be rented for one week or four weeks, depending on the length of the work and the amount of time it will take.

At Lowe’s, how much does it cost to rent a recreational vehicle?

Rental charges at Lowe’s are based on the length of time you require the trailer. There is, however, an upfront $200 fee that must be paid in order to book your trailer for the duration of your rental period.

The smallest utility trailer may be rented for as little as $27 for four hours or as much as $380 for four weeks for those in need of a little towing upgrade. Renting a single axle dump trailer from Lowe’s costs $81 for four hours and $805 for four weeks.

The biggest tandem axle dump trailer may be rented for $1,001 for four weeks or $101 for four hours at the upper end of the trailer rental spectrum. It is true that renting a trailer on a weekend might be more expensive, but clients can check the rate at for any date or time in advance.

The website then creates your quotation and the places where you may pick up your trailer, based on your ZIP Code. Additionally, if the trailer is not returned clean, a cleaning fee of $200 will be assessed.

Lowe’s Trailer Rental Information: What Do You Need?

In order to be eligible to rent a trailer from Lowe’s, customers must be 21 years or older. You’ll also need a current driver’s license and evidence of auto insurance.

How Do You Rent A Trailer From Lowe’s?

Log into the Lowes tool rental site to choose the trailer type and see whether it’s available in your area.

To check out, enter your information, such as the name and phone number of the pickup person and any special instructions, once you’ve chosen a trailer type and rental dates. As part of their quotation, Lowe’s will include the cost of the rental, as well as the needed down payment.

Fill out this form, complete the money, confirm your booking, and save the QR code that displays for a Lowe’s employee to scan and bring up your reservation details. Picking up your rental trailer is the next step!

To Lowe’s, how do you return a rented trailer?

Lowes rental trailer return is a breeze. At or before your Due Back Date, you must return the trailer to the Lowe’s location where it was leased. Lowes tool rental clients can use either the QR code they saved from their initial pick-up or the reservation code that appears in the confirmation email that begins “#R –” to reference their reservation.

To ensure a spotless return, be sure to thoroughly clean the trailer. A $200 cleaning fee might be imposed if you return the trailer to Lowe’s in any condition other than the one you picked it up in.

Bottom Line

Lowe’s rents trailers in-store. These trailers have a carry-on type and two different types of dump trailers for heavier loads.

It’s possible to rent for as little as 4 hours or as long as 4 weeks, depending on your needs. People above the age of 21 and with a valid ID must rent from us.

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