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Does Lowes Cut Tiles

By David Krug 4 minute read

It’s possible that you’re thinking of employing tile to beautify your bathroom or kitchen when you upgrade. If you’re a creative person, you may want to order custom-sized tile from a big-box home improvement store.

With this in mind, you may question if Lowe’s can help you cut tile. What follows is the result of my own investigations.

Does Lowe’s Cut Tile?

Lowe’s will cut tile for free in-store to your specified measurements starting in 2022. With that, Lowe’s may either cut the tile to size or just trim it to fit in your vehicle. However, Lowe’s tile cutting service can only perform straight-line cuts on the tile, not curved or slanted cuts.

But what kind of tile will Lowe’s cut? Read on to find out more, including if you can rent a tile cutter from Lowe’s to cut tile yourself!

Does Lowe’s Cut Marble Tile?

Lowe’s will cut marble tile if you buy it from their shop, but they won’t cut any tile you buy elsewhere because that’s against their policy.

Prices range from as little as $0.49 per tile at Lowe’s to as much as $41.04 per square foot for marble.

Is Lowe’s able to cut glass tiles?

As long as it was purchased from Lowe’s rather than brought in from another store, yes, the store will cut glass and any varieties of tile. When you buy tile at Lowe’s, ask an employee if they can cut it for you.

Is Lowe’s Tile Cutting Free?

Considering that you’ve already shelled out for the tile you’ll need for your project, you may question how much it will cost to chop it down.

As a thank you to its clients, Lowe’s provides a free tile cutting service in an effort to assist them with their home renovation and project needs.

How Do Lowe’s Tile Cutters Operate?

Before you buy tile from Lowe’s, make sure you have your measurements ready. In order to verify that the length you receive is accurate, you may either measure it yourself or call Lowe’s for an in-house measurement service.

You’ll need to buy your tile once you’ve taken the necessary measurements. In order to save time perusing the shelves, Lowe’s will only cut tile that has been purchased in-store.
Talk to a sales representative after purchasing your tile to see if it may be trimmed to fit your specific needs.

Lowe’s only does straight cuts and cannot conduct curved or oblique cuts. The tile is then cut in-store and ready for you to use right away if necessary. This tile cutting service isn’t flawless, but it’s quick and straightforward to use when you need tile trimmed.

Are Lowe’s Tile Cutters Available?

If you want to cut your own tile, Lowe’s has a variety of wet saws with sliding tables in various sizes and amps. Wet saws from Kobalt to DeWalt cost as little as $62 and are available in a variety of models.

It’s important to keep an eye on the cost of these things because Lowe’s frequently provides bargains and discounts.

Is Lowe’s A Good Place To Rent A Tile Cutter?

Rent a tile cutter from Lowe’s if you can’t afford to buy one. If you want to use an expensive tile saw, you can buy one for roughly $105 and rent an ND-180 7-inch saw for $21.
With a four-week rental period costing a maximum of $290, the charge climbs as time passes (28 calendar days).

There is a four-hour minimum rental duration, and a $25 advance is required in order to secure the saw rental. These rates might vary based on the length of time you require the saw and the model of saw you’re interested in renting..

Lowe’s rental website or your local Lowe’s store might provide further information about rental dates.

Which Stores Cut Tile?

If you’re looking for a tile cutter in 2022, you’re unlikely to find one elsewhere. The cost of running the tile saw or educating personnel may be the reason home improvement businesses don’t cut tile, but no one knows for sure.

Tile cutters and wet saws are available at most hardware stores such as Home Depot, Menard’s, or Ace Hardware. Rental options for tile cutters and wet saws are available at home improvement stores for those who cannot afford to buy them or do not have the space to store one.

Bottom Line

There is a free tile-cutting service at Lowe’s. It’s also important to note that you must buy the tile from Lowe’s, which means that associates may only make straight cuts. Due to the cutting machine’s limitations, curves and angle cuts are not possible.

Also, Lowe’s sells tile cutters and wet saws for sale and rent, and they provide instructional videos and a blog to assist you trim your tile properly.

David Krug