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Does Kohls Sell Amazon Gift Cards

By David Krug 3 minute read

Buying presents for friends and family can be difficult, so if you’re stumped for ideas, consider an Amazon gift card, which lets the recipient choose anything they want from the convenience of their own home.

So if you’re going to Kohl’s for your holiday shopping, you may wonder if Kohl’s sells Amazon gift cards. Here are the results of my investigation!

In the year 2022, will Kohl’s still be selling Amazon gift cards?

As of 2022, Kohl’s will be selling many third-party seller gift cards, including Amazon gift cards, without charging any additional fees. A wide range of denominations, from $10 to $100, are available at all Kohl’s stores across the country. Kohl’s does not allow customers to reload or return Amazon gift cards.

Find out if Kohl’s will reload an Amazon gift card and what other gift cards they sell, as well as what Amazon gift card denominations they sell.

Are Amazon Gift Cards Available for Purchase at Kohl’s?

Due to a lack of inventory, Kohl’s does not sell any of its Amazon gift cards online.

Instead, Kohl’s physical stores are the only places where you can purchase third-party gift cards, such as those from Amazon.

If you purchase Amazon gift cards from Kohl’s, do you have to pay an additional fee?

The purchase fee for Kohl’s third-party gift cards is not charged.

There is no need to pay additional fees when purchasing Amazon gift cards.

Is Kohl’s an Amazon Gift Card Provider?

Gift cards from Kohl’s can be purchased for between $10 and $100.

Kohl’s typically carries $25 or $50 Amazon gift cards because those are the most widely available.

Check with your local Kohl’s to see if these cards are available in your area.

What Happens If You Don’t Want Your Amazon Gift Card at Kohl’s?

After purchasing an Amazon gift card at Kohl’s, you can’t return it.

This is due to Kohl’s return policy, which states that gift cards purchased in-store (whether from a third party or a Kohl’s brand) cannot be returned.

Reloading Amazon Gift Cards at Kohl’s is an option.

The third-party gift cards Kohl’s sells in-store do not have a reload option.

Kohl’s does not have the ability to reload Amazon gift cards with additional funds if you’ve used all of the money on the card.

You could also consider purchasing a new Amazon gift card, which will not cost you anything extra.

Kohl’s also sells other types of gift cards, but which ones?

Food and beverage, entertainment, and retail gift cards are among the 40 third-party gift cards Kohl’s sells under these categories.

Here is a complete list of all Kohl’s in-store gift cards:

Eating and Drinking

  • Applebees
  • The Grill at Bonefish
  • Buffalo The Wild Wings
  • McDonald’s
  • Cheesecake Factory at Carrabba’s
  • Grill and Bar Chili’s
  • Chipotle
  • Creamery Coldstone
  • Ice Cream Queen
  • Domino’s\sFirehouse Subs
  • IHOP
  • Steakhouse LongHorn
  • McDonald’s Olive Garden’s Maggiano’s
  • It’s time to eat at Outback.
  • Panera
  • Papa John’s\sF Shop for Potbelly Subs at Chang’s
  • QDOBA Authentic Mexican Cuisine
  • It’s time for Red Lobster.
  • Robin’s Red
  • McDonald’s Steak & Shake
  • Subway
  • Roadhouse in Texas
  • TGI Friday’s
  • Wendy’s


  • Movie theater chains such as AMC
  • The App Store for iOS devices
  • Fandango
  • Amazon’s iTunes Store
  • Sony’s PlayStation Plus/Playstation Store membership
  • Regal Entertainment Group
  • Spafinder
  • Xbox and Xbox Live


  • a Bass Pro Shops
  • The Barnes & Noble Company
  • The best deal you’ll find
  • the home improvement store chain Cabela’s
  • Lowe’s\sStaples

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Bottom Line

All of Kohl’s retail locations offer Amazon gift cards for purchase. Because Kohl’s doesn’t offer any of its third-party seller gift cards for purchase online, you’ll have to go to the store to get one. As a result, Kohl’s does not accept Amazon gift cards as a form of payment.

Generally, Kohl’s sells Amazon gift cards in denominations of $25 and $50, but this can vary by store. However, you may be able to find Amazon gift cards ranging in value from $10 to $100 at Kohl’s stores across the country.

David Krug