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Major retail chains in the United States today price match their competitors, especially Amazon, to offer their customers more convenience and maintain market share.

If you’re a regular Kohl’s shopper who’s also on the lookout for lower-priced alternatives on Amazon, you’re not alone. This is all I’ve learned about it!

In 2022, will Kohl’s be able to compete with Amazon on price?

After that date, in 2022, Kohl’s will match Amazon’s in-store prices on all kinds of identical products. In order to prove the lower price, you must produce a printed or digital advertisement. In addition, Kohl’s has a 14-day price adjustment policy for items purchased within that time frame.

Keep reading to find out more about whether or not Kohl’s will price match items sold online, as well as what products are eligible for price matching.

How to Price Match on Amazon When shopping for clothes at Kohl’s

To request a price match at Kohl’s, you must provide proof of a lower price at the competitor’s store or on Kohls.

Simply open the product page on your mobile device that displays the price and show it to a store employee if you’re trying to price match with a product.

It’s necessary to print a physical copy of the Amazon product page, which includes the lower price and other relevant information.

Even though the Kohl’s website explicitly asks for a physical print copy of the Amazon product ad, some Kohl’s stores allow you to open and show the Amazon product page on your mobile device instead of printing it out.

Is Kohl’s Price Matching Amazon’s Online Products?

Only items sold in-store can be price matched with Amazon products by Kohl’s, not items sold on Kohl’s.

Additionally, if the item is in stock at the Kohl’s location where you are making the price match request, this will also affect the outcome of the price match.

Your price match request will not be accepted if the item is unavailable at Kohl’s. If you still have questions, you can reach out to the team at Kohl’s Customer Support.

Do Kohl’s Price Match Amazon Products?

As long as the items you’re looking for are in stock at the Kohl’s location you’re visiting, the retailer will price match any Amazon item you bring in.

To qualify, the product must be identical to Kohl’s, and it must be sold directly by Amazon and not by a third-party seller. These are the only requirements.

Are Amazon Third-Party Sellers Priced at Kohl’s?

When it comes to Amazon’s third-party sellers and not Amazon itself, Kohl’s does not price match.

The “Sold By” and “Fulfilled By” tabs in the product listing let you know if an item is being sold by Amazon or a third-party seller.

Is there a way to get a refund from Kohl’s if the price is incorrect?

If you purchased an item from Kohl’s and later found the same item on Amazon for a lower price, you can return to Kohl’s within 14 days of purchase and have the price adjusted.

When requesting a price match at a Kohl’s store, you will need to bring printed (or digital) proof of the lower price. Refunds for price differences will be issued once your request is deemed legitimate.

What Are Kohl’s Price-Matching Restrictions?

Kohl’s will not accept requests for Amazon price matching for the following two types of products:

Discounted and promotional items, as well as items that are excluded from coupons.

In the weeks leading up to and following Thanksgiving, all Amazon products were advertised.

You can price match and get a price adjustment within 14 days of purchase in all other cases.

How Many Other Stores Does Kohl’s Price Match With?

Kohl’s will only price match Amazon at this time; all other businesses that only have an online presence are not covered by Kohl’s price match policy. Amazon is the only exception.

The only other thing that Kohl’s will do is price match items with any physical retail store that advertises its products.

For example, Sears, Walmart, and Target all have fliers and catalogs that can be easily brought into Kohl’s to show proof of a lower price.

Keep in mind that the retailers that are covered by Kohl’s price match policy are not listed on the company’s website.

Check out our articles on whether Best Buy, Kroger, and Target match Amazon’s prices if you want to learn more about this subject.

Bottom Line

Kohl’s will match Amazon’s prices on any items it sells in-store and online. It is important to note that Kohl’s will not price match Amazon products or third-party seller products sold on or through the Kohl’ website.

To get your request approved, you’ll need to show that you paid less at a Kohl’s store. Ads can be printed or displayed on your mobile device. Be aware that Kohl’s will not price match coupon-excluded items or those sold after Thanksgiving.

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