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Does Kohls Allow Dogs

By David Krug 3 minute read

Many establishments allow dog owners to bring their pets with them when they go shopping.
However, many don’t, and you might question if Kohl’s, a frequent Kohl’s client, is one of them. Kohl’s, on the other hand, does not allow pets in its stores. Find out what I uncovered in the next paragraphs!

Does Kohl’s Allow Dogs In 2022?

As of 2022, dogs will be prohibited from entering Kohl’s stores in order to ensure the safety of both customers and employees. ADA-defined service animals are the lone exception, and they are permitted at Kohl’s stores. However, certain Kohl’s locations have been known to allow dogs to shop with their owners.

Check out this page if you’d want to learn more about why pets are not allowed at Kohl’s and how your service animal can be authorized.

Why Doesn’t Every Kohl’s Store Allow Dogs?

I contacted a few Kohl’s customer service representatives to find out more about the company’s pet policy, which isn’t posted on their website.

“The admission of pets inside Kohl’s is at the discretion of each store manager,” was one of the responses I kept hearing. In other words, despite claims to the contrary, each Kohl’s store manager is ultimately responsible for deciding whether or not to allow pets in their establishments.

The majority of Kohl’s store managers do not accept dogs or pets because they wish to avoid any potential health and safety hazards.

How Can I Find Out If My Local Kohl’s Allows Dogs In The Store?

In order to learn about your local pet policy, shoppers are urged by Kohl’s customer support to call the nearest Kohl’s location and speak with the store manager. Customer care agents at Kohl’s are available by virtual chat, phone, or email to assist you with this process.

Does Kohl’s Allow Service Animals?

For people who need service animals, most Kohl’s stores will accept them. It’s up to the manager of your local Kohl’s to decide on this. However, if your service animal is an essential requirement (for example, people who are blind or deaf), Kohl’s cannot deny you access to the store.

Kohl’s does not allow emotional support animals at all of its stores, therefore this issue is not the same.

Bottom Line

At this time, there is no definitive response to the question of whether or not dogs are permitted at Kohl’s stores. The acceptance of animals into the business varies per store manager, according to their customer service suppliers.

Animals are allowed in some localities, whereas others are not. Customer support at Kohl’s suggests that you contact the Kohl’s in your region to confirm their pet policy, which they can do for you or you can do by phone or email. As a service animal for a disabled person, you may have extra wiggle room in your local Kohl’s pet policy!

Service animals may be allowed into Kohl’s if they are essential to your well-being, but this is not guaranteed (for example, someone who is sight or hearing impaired).

A customer’s service animal can only be refused service if the ADA specifies that Kohl’s has a valid basis to do so. Your service animal is permitted to accompany you inside Kohl’s if they have no legitimate grounds to deny you service.