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Does Instacart Send You A Shirt

By David Krug 4 minute read

With an app-based business model like Instacart, it’s understandable that prospective buyers might be curious about the onboarding process. If you’re using Instacart, how will the store employees or customers know?

For example, when you sign up to shop for Instacart, what do you receive? Is there any swag or freebies that you get? What you need to know is right here!

In 2022, what will Instacart send you?

More information about what Instacart sends new customers for onboarding, what you need to wear, and how to start shopping before you get a Mastercard can be found by continuing to read!

What Are the Benefits of Using Instacart?

The most common items new customers receive are a lanyard and a t-shirt, according to a review of several authoritative Instacart sites.

Although one customer (albeit four years ago) stated that they only received a lanyard, many others stated that they received t-shirts in their on-boarding package.

On the flip side, the t-shirts are a shocking shade of green, which is apparently discouraging many customers from purchasing them.

That’s not all, though. For those who don’t want to say anything, the t-shirts and the lanyards are an excellent way to identify themselves.

Customers and store employees alike may be more accommodating if they know you’re an Instacart shopper.

The Instacart logo can also help residents feel more secure when they receive a security alert from their doorbell or security cameras.

Instacart also provides shoppers with a Mastercard linked to the Shopper app, which they use to make purchases (this is covered more in-depth in the next section down).

Insulated bags, which are required, will be delivered to you if you ordered them (though not necessarily from Instacart).

Remember that Instacart defers paying for insulated bags until you’ve earned $30 in earnings, easing the financial burden of getting started.

To keep their employees safe in the event of a pandemic, Instacart has recently begun sending safety kits to all of its customers, old and new.

Is Instacart going to mail you a thank you card?

For Instacart, debit and credit card usage by its customers while working for the company is unacceptable.

Instead, Mastercards linked to the Shopper app are sent out. These are preloaded with the amount of money needed to complete a customer’s transaction.

When your credit card arrives, don’t forget to start using it.

It’s a common misconception that if you’ve got a digital wallet like Apple/Google/Samsung Pay, you can start shopping as soon as you’ve been approved. This isn’t the case.

Adding the card information to your digital wallet is how you accomplish this. You can then use it like a debit or credit card to pay for your purchases.

It’s slick, and it allows customers to make money right away.

Is Instacart Bags Included?

The lanyard is the only freebie that customers receive from Instacart. However, it does sell insulated bags.

Instacart shoppers must carry insulated bags in order to keep their groceries at the proper temperature while they are being delivered.

As a result, Instacart offers four-packs of bags at a discounted price, and delays collecting payment on them.

Once you begin shopping batches, Instacart will withhold the funds as payment for the bags when your earnings reach $30.

People say that insulated bags can be found for $2 at Target or a similar price at Walmart and Costco, but this has not been independently verified.

Does Instacart Provide a T-Shirt?

When you sign up for Instacart, it appears that you will receive a shirt as a gift.

However, some customers have reported that they didn’t, so it appears that Instacart isn’t always consistent.

Those who do, however, report that the color is downright bizarre!

“Dude those green shirts are so stupid and dorky looking,” wrote one Redditor.

The newbie’s arrival at the store with a shirt and lanyard made another person laugh, “I laugh when I see the newbie.” Lol. A joke was even made about it in Silicon Valley.”

(Here’s a clip from HBO’s Silicon Valley to demonstrate this point.)

Is an Instacart T-Shirt Appropriate for Work?

If you get your hands on an Instacart t-shirt, you may wonder if you should or even have to wear it.

Instacart employees do not need to wear shirts, and the company does not enforce any sort of dress code.

However, for practical reasons, such as identification, it’s never a bad idea to have it.

Is There a Lanyard Included With Your Instacart Order?

Even if you don’t get a shirt or a shirt that fits, Instacart seems to consistently send the lanyard.

If you have a phone accessory that allows you to attach your phone to a lanyard, this can be extremely useful.

Keychain wallets are another option for attaching your credit card.

Both ways, it frees up your hands while you’re shopping and keeps your most important tools close at hand.

Bottom Line

You may receive a t-shirt from Instacart if you sign up for the service and your application is approved, but more often than not, you will receive an Instacart lanyard.

It’s up to each shopper to decide whether or not they want to wear the Instacart gear when they’re shopping, but there are some major advantages to doing so.

David Krug