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Starting out with Instacart shopping can be a bit intimidating. A successful delivery depends on having everything you need on hand.

If you’ve never delivered anything before, you may not have given any thought to how you’ll transport the goods while also ensuring that they remain at the appropriate temperature.

Are there bags provided by Instacart to aid in this process? Or do you have to fend for yourself? The answer you seek can be found directly below.

In 2022, will Instacart be providing bags?

However, Instacart does not provide shoppers with free insulated bags, but they do require shoppers to bring their own for delivery. Customers can purchase insulated bags from Instacart. Paper or plastic bags provided by the retailer are the only acceptable options for customers. The customer is responsible for any costs incurred.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at what kind of bags you can expect to use while shopping for Instacart, as well as some bagging advice…. Keep going until you find everything you’re looking for!

What Bags Do Instacart Carry Out Orders In?

There are paper and plastic grocery bags available from the retailer, as well as insulated bags that must be purchased from Instacart or purchased by the shopper themselves.

Thermostatic Bags

In order to keep the customer’s items at a consistent temperature, the insulated bags are used.

Despite the fact that Instacart does not provide their trademark green bags, customers can purchase them.

There’s no upfront cost for these services, either. Instacart, on the other hand, will reportedly credit customers with up to four credits, according to Ridester.

Instacart deducts the bag fee from the customer’s first $30 in order totals.

This Reddit thread suggests they were $26 (for four) in 2017, but I haven’t been able to locate an official price. Then again, it could have risen over the years.

Instacart’s insulated bags aren’t required for those who can find them for a lower price elsewhere or who already have some on hand.

Reddit users, on the other hand, had a plethora of ideas for where to get them for less – Costco and Target among them.

Target sells insulated bags for $2 each, according to one commenter!

In-Store Bags for Customers

However, you will most likely use store bags to transport the groceries from the cart to your vehicle and then to the customers’ homes.

There aren’t any issues because most retailers provide free plastic or paper bags for customers to use.

Your Shopper card has enough money on it to cover any additional fees if you come across a retailer charging for bags. This is why customers are initially charged more.

When shopping in an area where plastic bags are banned, this can be a more difficult issue.

In order to transport your purchases to your vehicle, bring your insulated shopping bags with you to the store.

But how do you handle the groceries when you’re done? After all, you reuse your insulated bags, which you can’t leave behind.

There are a few options available to you.

To begin, you can ask your customers if they prefer to spend a little more on reusable or paper bags in the app before they go shopping (which you can add to the order).

Say you’re asking because they ordered groceries from a store in an area where plastic bags are prohibited. Tell them you’re asking because of that.

They should be informed that if they say no, their groceries will have to be left unbagged at their residence or handed over, item by item, if they do not want to have them picked up.

Do You Get Reusable Bags With Your Instacart Orders?

While you won’t receive free reusable insulated bags from Instacart, the company does reduce the cost of purchasing them when you first begin using the service.

Instacart offers four insulated bags for the price of three if you order from them directly.

Once you’ve earned $30 or more from batches, they’ll take the fee out of your account.

This reduces the burden on new customers, and the bags look great when they’re in use.

Are Paper Bags Used by Instacart?

Groceries are delivered to your door by Instacart in the same bags that the store uses.

Customers are more likely to use Target’s plastic bags if they’re shopping at the store.

It’s also common to use the paper bags provided by Aldi when shopping, but I’ve also received my groceries in a few different types of plastic bags from the supermarket.

It is standard practice for the groceries I pick up from Aldi to be packaged in paper bags.

How Do You Bag Groceries for Instacart?

To ensure that customers are satisfied and receive the highest ratings, Instacart provides a handy guide on how to properly bag groceries.

They recommend sorting items into categories such as frozen, refrigerated, and canned.

It is essential to keep meat and other raw foods separate from the rest of your supplies.

In this way, even if there is a leak, it doesn’t affect other items. This can also be prevented by tying the raw items in their own plastic bags, and then doubling-bagging the bundles as well.

I can attest to the fact that poor bagging of raw meats has happened to me numerous times.

When the meat container was punctured by the bagger’s carelessness, the paper bag was soaked.

While picking it up from the porch – splat. Because of the over-saturation from raw chicken juice, the bag’s bottom gave way.

Good bagging is essential for Instacart shoppers in order to maintain and improve their ratings.

Is Aldi Baggage Covered By Instacart?

Customers who know to bring their own reusable bags to Aldi are used to it not having plastic bags available for purchase.

What about Instacart, on the other hand? Despite the fact that Aldi carries heavier-duty plastic bags and nice paper bags, they are not free.

Does the customer or Instacart bear this expense?

Because Instacart charges a bag fee, the customer is ultimately responsible for it.

Initially, Instacart overcharges – for example, a $80 hold on an order that only totals $65.

The initial overcharge helps cover the additional cost of the Aldi bags, so the customer gets back less than the full amount.

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Bottom Line

Even though Instacart does not supply insulated bags, they do make the cost of purchasing them less of a burden for their customers.

Allowing customers to pay for them after accruing a balance from previous purchases is how they accomplish this.

Otherwise, customers use the plastic or paper bags provided by the individual stores to carry out their grocery shopping. When the food is transported, the insulated bags keep it from becoming too warm or too cold.

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