Does IKEA Ship To Hawaii

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Home delivery is available to customers who order items from and have them delivered to their doorsteps, along with everything needed to assemble. However, residents of Hawaii and Alaska may question if IKEA’s low-cost items may be brought to their doorsteps as well.

Check out this list to see if IKEA delivers to Hawaii and Alaska!

Does IKEA ship to Hawaii and Alaska in 2022?

As of 2022, IKEA will no longer ship to Hawaii or Alaska. This is due to a lack of infrastructure and the fact that IKEA does not have any of its US shops or distribution hubs in the states in question.

Additionally, there are no IKEA store locations outside of the continental United States.

Is it true, then, that inhabitants of Alaska and Hawaii will be unable to purchase IKEA furniture? How else can you get IKEA goods delivered to you? To learn more, keep reading!

Why does IKEA not ship to Hawaii and Alaska?

Even if your state does not have an IKEA shop, IKEA will still be able to deliver to you. Out-of-the-way places like Hawaii and Alaska, on the other hand, aren’t included. You also can not have IKEA deliver to any PO boxes.

The population of these states isn’t large enough to justify their own IKEA distribution centers, in part. IKEA just does not have the infrastructure to distribute goods to such far locations as Alaska, and these states simply do not meet the minimum requirements for IKEA to turn a profit by operating there.

However, given that the service is still in its infancy, this might alter as the firm grows! In the meantime, finding out if a store near you delivers furniture could be an alternative. If you have your heart set on the latest Järvfjället, there are other ways you can get your hands on it, though.

How can I get IKEA furniture delivered to Hawaii and Alaska?

You can still get IKEA furniture delivered to your home even if you live in Hawaii or Alaska. To send to Hawaii or Alaska, customers can employ shipping forwarders. By using one of the couple of different third-party delivery companies that can buy and send IKEA items to faraway locations, you may get IKEA products delivered to you.

It’s possible to get IKEA furniture delivered to Hawaii through companies like Haul2HI. This service is also available to Alaskans at the Furniture Shop at Greatland!

You simply need to have the company make your purchases on your behalf. They will have the IKEA furniture and other products delivered to their warehouse on the mainland, where they will then ship your purchase to you for a fee and the cost of delivery.

These services usually don’t come cheap, however. The price for this can quickly reach a high monetary value, so you will need to weigh if the IKEA furniture is worth the extra shipping cost or not.

If you do decide it is worth it, it is a fairly easy process.

How to find an IKEA store near me?

Visit the IKEA website to see if there is an IKEA shop in your area that can deliver to you. In order to find the closest IKEA shop to you, you may use the store locator tool.

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Bottom Line

Hawaii and Alaska are currently out of the reach of IKEA. This is because of the absence of neighboring stores and warehouses, as well as the limitations of the infrastructure.

However, residents of Hawaii and Alaska can purchase IKEA furniture through third-party suppliers. IKEA furniture may be shipped to Haul2HI, Alaska Furniture Supply, as well as other unserved states like Hawaii.

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