Does Ikea Sell Real Plants

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Flatpack furniture and meatballs are among the many items sold by IKEA stores across the world. They have an enormous selection of plant products, from houseplants and interior species to fake trees and planters for the garden outside.

For those who are curious about the IKEA plant selection, here is all the information you need to know before and after purchasing IKEA plants!

Ikea’s Greenhouses in 2022

Artificial potted plants and flowers, as well as live indoor plants and dried flowers, are all available at IKEA. Succulents, cactus, tiny trees, and flowers are all included in the range. It’s well knowledge that IKEA plants are of high quality and are often acquired locally, which helps keep prices down for customers.

Learn more about the plants you can get at IKEA, where to find them, and how to care for your IKEA plants in the following sections!

Are IKEA’s Houseplants Worth the Money?

Especially for those just starting out with houseplants, IKEA houseplants are regarded as high-quality options.

Shoppers recommend purchasing young, healthy-looking plants from IKEA and keeping an eye on them as they mature.

When shopping at IKEA, seek for plants that haven’t been touched by previous customers and lightweight containers to select the best ones,

These light pots are a warning sign of a sick plant, therefore it’s best to steer clear of them.

You should check for buds rather than full flowers when searching for blossoming plants.

Is it possible to buy plants from IKEA?

While nurseries offer bedding plants, IKEA only sells outdoor pot plants.

Many of IKEA’s plants appear to be better suited for indoor use rather than outdoor use, despite the fact that they are available. It’s still possible to buy outdoor potted plants.

What Kinds of Plants Can You Find At IKEA?

In addition to genuine plants, IKEA also carries a variety of artificial plants for individuals who don’t want to make a long-term commitment.

All kinds of plants are available in IKEA, from little succulents to giant leafy ones, such as vines and cactus. According to season, some species may be more difficult to come by than others.

In addition, the selection of live plants available at IKEA varies substantially according on where you live.

A variety of plants are available for purchase at IKEA stores across the country, including hanging plants, palms, and monstera.

The IKEA assortment is refreshed four times a year with new species and seasonal favorites in February, April, August, and October, when new species are typically presented.

Is Pothos Available at IKEA?

Both a hanging Golden Pothos and a potted Golden Pothos plant are now available for $9.99 at IKEA.

Availability of specific plants may vary based on local vendors and shop inventory.

Plants may be found in which IKEA stores?

IKEA’s plant selection is normally found on the ground floor, in the warehouse section of the store. It’s most common in the areas where people are waiting in line to pay at the register.

Can I Bring Back Plants to IKEA?

Live plants purchased from IKEA cannot be returned. You can’t get a refund or a replacement plant if yours dies within a few days of purchase.

To avoid losing both the plant and your money, choose the healthiest possible specimen when purchasing your plant.

Why Do IKEA Plants Cost So Little?

Because plants do not travel well and can be more cost-effective, IKEA prefers to buy them from nearby growers instead of ordering them in.

With the world’s largest retailer, IKEA, able to bulk purchase massive numbers, they are able to save money by purchasing plants in bulk.

When is the optimal time to purchase IKEA plants?

After a weekend shipment, IKEA typically restocks most of its shelves on Monday with new merchandise. Seasonality and other external factors can alter plant shipments and, as a result, stock in this context.

For the freshest and most fascinating products, go shopping during the seasonal shifts (in the months of Feburary, April, August, and October).

Where can I get IKEA plants online?

Because of the difficulty of shipping live plants from IKEA to your home, they cannot be purchased online.

There are Click and Collect options for some of these things, though.

Check if the plant you’re looking for is in stock at your local IKEA shop and study the product’s care instructions on the IKEA website.

IKEA offers home delivery of artificial plants, potted plants, and dried flowers.

How Frequently Should IKEA Plants Be Watered?

There are specific instructions on the package of IKEA plants, which is why you should always check the label.

Depending on the type of plant, the amount of water it needs varies. Too much or too little water can harm plants.

To verify that you’re taking proper care of the plant you’ve purchased, read the plant’s label.

As the seasons vary, so do the watering needs of houseplants, so it’s best to monitor your plant rather than set a timetable.

What’s the Best Way to Take Care of IKEA House Plants?

Every IKEA houseplant comes with a label explaining how to take care of it. If you’ve misplaced the label, the IKEA website includes step-by-by-step instructions for growing indoor plants.

In general, houseplants don’t require a lot of attention, and IKEA frequently sells hardy, long-lasting plants.

If you’re worried about how much maintenance houseplants require, keep in mind that IKEA carries a wide selection of artificial plants that require no attention whatsoever.

When Is The Best Time To Re-Pot An IKEA Tree?

Many indicators point to the need for repotting a houseplant. Among them are:

  • Roots can be seen protruding from drainage holes in the bottom of pots.
  • No seasonal changes are to blame for the plant’s poor growth.
  • Watering the plant more frequently is required.
  • The plant occupies a volume more than three times that of the container.

Your houseplant may not require a new container, but it may just need some new soil. New houseplants don’t usually require repotting right away.

Check out IKEA’s return policy after 365 days, IKEA’s Lack table, and whether or not the store delivers to flats for additional information on purchasing at IKEA.

Bottom Line

Plants for both indoor and outdoor use are available at IKEA, as well as artificial plants. As the seasons change, the plant species range expands to include more and more varieties.

However, IKEA’s plants are typically considered to be of good quality.

Monday is the best day to shop at IKEA since you receive the best selection of new products, and the plant variety is usually located on the ground floor near the checkouts.

Many IKEA plants come with detailed care instructions, and there are also artificial plants for those who choose not to keep a live plant in their home.

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