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It’s a point of pride for IKEA to be able to provide such low costs to the company’s millions of regular consumers. Everything from bathrooms to bedrooms and kitchens to bathrooms can be found at IKEA!

The question is whether or not IKEA has a policy of price matching or adjustment, and if so, how it works. The information I’ve gleaned is all here!

2022 IKEA Price Adjustment Policy

A price adjustment policy allows consumers to get a partial refund on products that have gone on sale or had their prices decreased after they have purchased them at IKEA for a period of 45 days (90 days for IKEA Family members). 

Customers must monitor price changes themselves because IKEA does not notify them when a product’s price reduces or rises.

Keep reading to find out more about IKEA’s price matching policy and how you can save money when you purchase there!

How Do You Request An IKEA Price Match Or Price Reduction?

An IKEA product you’ve previously purchased may be eligible for a price match at an IKEA store if the current price is lower than the one you paid.

Your receipt or other evidence of purchase is required, as well as the method of payment if you used a credit or debit card to pay for your purchase.

A refund will be granted after your purchase has been validated and the difference in price has been decreased.

For payments made through credit or debit card, allow at least 10 days for the funds to arrive in your bank account.

Does IKEA Adjust Prices for All Products?

IKEA does not modify the prices of all items, which is a disappointment. IKEA is unable to make pricing modifications on the following products and items:

  • Products that are sold as-is (items that are sold second hand from IKEA)
  • Modifications made to a piece of furniture after it was purchased
  • Countertops made to order for the kitchen
  • Each and every piece of bed linen (pillows, duvets, sheets, pillow-top, etc.)
  • Fabrics may be sliced into pieces.

Does IKEA Match Competitors’ Prices?

As of 2022, IKEA will not price match with any other retailers. All IKEA furniture and goods are created in-house and only available at their shops, which accounts for a large part of their success.

Therefore, IKEA is unable to compete on pricing because no other merchants provide its items. It would be counterproductive for IKEA to match local retailers’ prices online and in-store since they like to maintain their prices the same on both.

What is the pricing strategy of IKEA?

Keeping their pricing low and reasonable is a goal of IKEA in order to attract clients who require fast and easy furnishings to meet practically any demand.

Because of a variety of factors, they are able to keep their pricing low. Customers must assemble each item of IKEA furniture because it comes flat-packed.

IKEA doesn’t have to spend money on artisans, and it also saves money on transportation because flat-pack furniture can ship numerous products at once.

In addition to using recycled materials, IKEA also helps to safeguard the environment while also keeping expenses down.

Is IKEA Quality Affordable?

Although IKEA’s pricing is quite competitive, they do not compromise on quality. This is shown in their 365-day return policy, which ensures that clients will be granted a refund or swap for any bad craftsmanship, which suggests a degree of trust in their own products.

Because of their mass manufacture and accessibility, IKEA’s items lack the grandeur and durability of those made by an artisan.

If the products are properly cared for, IKEA consumers have expressed long-term contentment with many of the store’s items.

You may also check out my previous entries on IKEA’s policy on damaged furniture, when IKEA items are on sale, and also IKEA’s policy on taking returns on assembled furniture.

Bottom Line

Price matching is an option at IKEA. If a buyer purchases an item at full price and the price is later decreased, they are entitled to a refund. No, IKEA does not price match with other retailers.

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