Does IKEA Mattress Come Rolled Up

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IKEA has a wide selection of mattresses in various sizes and shapes if you’re in the market for a new one. A rolled up IKEA mattress isn’t guaranteed, though.

My interest in how IKEA mattresses are sold and other aspects to keep in mind has prompted me to investigate further. My investigation has led me to this conclusion:

Can You Expect An IKEA Mattress In 2022?

In order to make it easier to transport and store, IKEA mattresses are packaged in a roll. IKEA mattresses are vacuum-sealed in a transparent plastic wrap rather than rolled up in a box like other rolled-up mattresses. The recommended 72-hour expansion period for an IKEA mattress begins after the mattress is unrolled.

The real question is: can you put an IKEA mattress back in its original position? Continue reading to learn more about the importance of giving yourself a full 72 hours to mull over your decision.

Exactly how long can you keep an IKEA mattress in a rolled-up state?

Unrolling your mattress as soon as possible is recommended by IKEA since it takes up to 72 hours to return to its original size and comfort after being rolled.

Leaving an Ikea mattress rolled up can prolong the time it takes to expand after it has been unrolled.

Leaving memory foam mattresses rolled up for more than two months could cause damage to the material.

Is There A Box For An Ikea Mattress?

No, IKEA mattresses do not come in a box from the store. Foam mattresses from IKEA are wrapped in a clear vacuum-sealed plastic wrap, whereas spring mattresses are wrapped in clear plastic wraps, as well.

Customers can more easily transport the mattress without the need for boxes, and less waste is generated as a result.

Is It Possible To Roll An IKEA Mattress?

The IKEA foam mattress can be rolled again. However, rerolling a mattress after it’s been unrolled is extremely difficult.

Alternatively, you can fold a foam mattress in half and secure it with a rope for easier transportation.

It’s extremely helpful if you’re moving and need to transport an IKEA foam mattress!

Remember that bending or rolling a spring mattress can damage the springs from the inside out.

Do You Have To Wait 72 Hours Before You Can Sleep On An IKEA Mattress?

This means that your mattress will need to be unrolled and allowed to expand for a maximum of 72 hours before it can be used.

For both spring and form mattresses, this will allow the mattress to return to its original size. After 72 hours, it is recommended that customers begin using their mattress.

Additional IKEA advice includes a recommendation that roll-packed mattresses should return to their original shape within 3-4 days of use.

Is My Car Big Enough To Fit An IKEA Mattress?

Does an IKEA mattress roll-up fit in the back of a sedan or hatchback car with ease?

You may have to fold down the back seats if your vehicle is a little smaller. Alternatively, a flat delivery fee of $59 is charged for the rolled mattress.

Do a pre-purchase check on your car dimensions if you’re planning on purchasing a mattress, as cars come in all shapes and sizes these days.

If you’re shopping in-store, measurements for mattresses can be found on the mattress price tag or on IKEA’s website.

How Much Weight Can You Handle?

A double IKEA mattress can be carried by a single person in most cases. Most IKEA mattresses are rolled up and have two handles on them for easy transportation from the store to your vehicle.

Additionally, an IKEA employee will gladly assist you in transporting larger queen- and king-size mattresses to your vehicle while you are in the store.

IKEA Mattresses have a lifespan of what?

IKEA recommends that you replace your mattress every 8 to 10 years, depending on your preferences and the type of mattress you have.

IKEA, on the other hand, offers a 25-year warranty on their mattresses, which covers any defects in the product’s material and workmanship.

For those who find they can’t afford to replace their mattresses every few years, IKEA will repair or replace them free of charge if they become defective.

The IKEA pillow and duvet return policy and whether or not IKEA sells Murphy beds might also be of interest if you want to learn more about IKEA mattresses.

Bottom Line

For your convenience and ease of transportation, IKEA mattresses are delivered rolled up. This also reduces the cost of transporting the merchandise across the country, which in turn lowers the price for consumers.

To get the most out of your mattress, you should wait 72 hours after unrolling it before inflating it again.

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