Does Home Depot Take Apple Pay

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Customers may use Apple Pay at self-checkout counters at numerous U.S. stores to make fast, secure purchases of goods both in-store and online. If you’re wondering if Home Depot accepts Apple Pay, it’s understandable. It’s the country’s largest home improvement retailer. Here’s everything I’ve found out about it thus far!

In 2022, will Home Depot still accept Apple Pay?

Home Depot will not accept Apple Pay until 2022, and it has no plans to do so in the near future. Paying with a smartphone will require customers to utilize PayPal in-store or online. Target, Ace Hardware, Meijer, and Costco all accept Apple Pay. You can find out why Home Depot does not accept Apple Pay, what other payment methods you may use, and much more by reading the rest of this post!

What’s the reason Home Depot doesn’t use Apple Pay?

Due to its first-ever agreement with PayPal, Home Depot no longer accepts Apple Pay.
When customers use PayPal-powered credit cards in stores and online, they are more likely to utilize them. Use the point-of-sale mobile application to access PayPal at any Home Depot location. Home Depot does not accept Apple Pay because it fears it may discourage customers from using PayPal.

Can I Pay With My Phone At Home Depot?

Customers at Home Depot can’t use their iPhones to pay, and instead must use real cards or cash. Visitor’s mobile phone number is not required, however a store employee can charge their account with their carrier’s bill if they like.

PayPal’s credit card can also be linked to a user’s phone number using the account number issued by PayPal. When shopping at Home Depot on your phone, you will need to do so online. PayPal is a safe and convenient way to make a payment. For those without an account, you’ll have to manually enter your credit card information into the appropriate fields.

Will Home Depot Ever Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay may soon be available at Home Depot, according to rumors. Apple has not confirmed allegations that its customers have used Apple Pay in some businesses in the US and Canada, despite several rumors to the contrary. Due to its collaboration with PayPal, Home Depot has no plans to use Apple Pay at any of its stores in the near future.

In the case of Apple Pay, Home Depot would become one of the company’s most important retail partners if it were to implement the service.

Did Home Depot Ever Take Apple Pay?

Before announcing a deal with PayPal, Home Depot is said to have been accepting Apple Pay. Before NFC terminals were withdrawn, customers could make purchases using their iPhones and other Apple devices using Apple Pay.

Which Stores Take Apple Pay?

Alternative locations that accept Apple Pay, such as Home Depot, may be found all over the place.

  • Target
  • Costco
  • Meijer
  • Ace Hardware
  • Best Buy
  • PetSmart
  • Safeway
  • Whole Foods Market
  • CVS
  • Rite Aid
  • Walgreens
  • Family Dollar

By double-clicking the lock button on your iPhone or Apple Watch, you’ll be able to use Apple Pay at any of these participating merchant locations. Next, place the NFC-enabled device near the terminal and wait for a digital confirmation of the transaction.

What Other Methods of Payment Does Home Depot Take?

Credit and debit cards issued by the major credit card companies, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover, are all accepted at Home Depot. A banking gift card that is issued by these suppliers can be used both in-store and online.

Home Depot’s Consumer and Commercial Credit Card Accounts can also be used by consumers (PROX and CRC). Owners of these credit cards will not be charged until the item has been dispatched, so keep that in mind. Additionally, Home Depot accepts both physical and electronic gift cards. In addition to Home Depot, they may be purchased at other businesses including PayPal, Target, Walgreens, and Staples as well.

How Can I Use PayPal At Home Depot?

At Home Depot and online, you may use PayPal to make purchases quickly and easily.
To make a purchase with this method, just input your cell number and PIN into a self-service kiosk or self-checkout line, or swipe your PayPal card and enter your PIN. You may also want to check out if CVS accepts Apple Pay, if Sam’s Club accepts Apple Pay, and if Walgreens accepts Apple Pay for additional information.


Due to the fact that Home Depot is affiliated with PayPal, it does not accept Apple Pay. By inputting their cell phone number and account PIN, customers may use PayPal in-store, or they can use PayPal online. Keep in mind that Home Depot has no immediate plans to accept Apple Pay. Costco, Safeway, Trader Joe’s, Target, and Ace Hardware are just a handful of the places that accept Apple Pay.

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