Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint

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A wide array of paint colors, kinds, and finishes may be found at Home Depot, which has a wide choice of home improvement supplies. Home Depot is the best location to buy paint because of their unique paint mixing technology.

As a result, you may inquire if the business has Benjamin Moore paints. Check out what I discovered in the next paragraphs!

Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

Benjamin Moore paints aren’t available at Home Depot’s large selection of paints for sale. Behr, PPG, and Glidden are some of the paint brands that Home Depot carries, but Benjamin Moore isn’t. If you want to paint your house using Benjamin Moore paints, you won’t find them at Home Depot.

Home Depot doesn’t offer Benjamin Moore Paint, but you can get it at other retailers like Lowe’s and Lowe’

Why Doesn’t Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

Because it is a big-box shop, Home Depot does not offer Benjamin Moore paint. Instead, Benjamin Moore chooses to serve independent merchants alone.

Benjamin Moore has also stated their choice to solely serve independent businesses, underlining their beliefs as a justification for that decision.

Benjamin Moore wants to distinguish itself apart from its competition by giving only the best quality paint and a one-on-one customer service experience.

What Paint Does Home Depot Sell That Is Similar to Benjamin Moore?

If you’re looking for paint, Home Depot has a few options to choose from. However, you may be wondering which paint companies fall within Benjamin Moore’s price range.

The following is a list of some of the more popular brs.

  • Behr. Home Depot’s own brand of paint is called Behr paint. When compared to Benjamin Moore paints, the Behr Marquee line has been hailed as the industry’s top choice for quality.

    In addition to offering comprehensive coverage, this plan is also less expensive. Colors from Behr, Home Depot’s counterpart to Benjamin Moore, come in a wide variety of shades.
  • Kilz. Benjamin Moore paints have also been compared, and while their coverage isn’t quite as good, their ceiling paints, in particular, appear to be the closest match.
  • PPG Diamond. A fair quantity of coverage, durability, and equivalent to Benjamin Moore paints are all claimed by the manufacturer. In addition, Benjamin Moore’s paints are more expensive than PPG’s.
  • Glidden Interior Premium. For renovations in the kitchen and bathroom, you should use. It resists mildew and mold and is easy to clean. For less money than Benjamin Moore, this paint is a good option.

Does Home Depot Color Match Benjamin Moore Paint?

In spite of the fact that Home Depot does not color match Benjamin Moore paints, they do provide a similar selection of hues.

Benjamin Moore samples may be matched by using Home Depot’s color matching service, which has a variety of hues similar to those used in Benjamin Moore paints.

Where Can I Buy Benjamin Moore Paint?

Benjamin Moore exclusively sells to independent merchants, so locating a distributor in your region may be more challenging.

The Benjamin Moore website can help you find local businesses that sell the paints. Only the continental United States is served by Benjamin Moore’s shipping service, however the company does have retail sites in Alaska and Hawaii.

Orders of Benjamin Moore paint can also be picked up at participating retailers.

Bottom Line

Benjamin Moore paints aren’t available at any Home Depot location or online. Home Depot does not carry Benjamin Moore paints since they are only available through independent merchants and online.

There are other paint brands at Home Depot that are similar to Benjamin Moore paints, and they can color match a Benjamin Moore sample in-store.

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