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Does Home Depot Have Layaway

By David Krug 3 minute read

The use of layaway as a financing option for large-ticket items like major appliances and equipment has grown in popularity in recent years.

It’s possible that you’re wondering if Home Depot offers layaway because of its wide range of financing options for high-ticket items. Please read on for all the information you need.

Is Layaway Available at Home Depot in 2022?

As of 2022, Home Depot will no longer provide layaway options, opting instead for a financing program. Shoppers can also use buy now, pay later services like Klarna and QuadPay that Home Depot accepts.

For more information on why Home Depot does not offer layaway, what layaway alternatives Home Depot offers, and much more, please continue reading this article.

For what reason is it that Home Depot doesn’t offer layaway?

Home Depot and other retailers have disabled layaway plans in-store and online because many agreements have not been completed.

Layaway also necessitates a product reservation by the retailer, which could result in the loss of valuable sales if the layaway is left unfinished.

The company encourages customers to use alternative purchasing methods that benefit both the company and the customer instead.

Is There a Layaway Program at Home Depot?

Home Depot does not offer layaway plans, but there are a variety of other payment options available.

Here are some other options:

Pay-As-You-Go Shopping Websites

Sites that let you “buy now, pay later” are very similar to layaway plans.

Instead of waiting to receive the product until all payments are made, you can get it now and pay off the balance over a predetermined period of time.

General merchandise (furniture, home decor, paint, plants, etc.), power tools, hardware, building materials, and outdoor equipment can be purchased at Home Depot using Klarna U.S. and Quadpay.

In order to use these sites, you will need to download the app (for Klarna US or Quadpay) for your Apple or Android phone.

Purchases can be completed with Klarna or Quadpay after entering the app and searching for Home Depot.

Payment is made in four equal installments, each with a two-week grace period, using Klarna.

Quadpay, on the other hand, divides the bill into four equal payments, each due six weeks apart.

Paying for a rental deposit, installation fee, custom products or anything from the design center cannot be done through these sites at this time.

Access to Cashback at Your Local Home Depot

It’s another great option for breaking down large costs by applying for an appropriate Home Depot credit card.

Those who frequently shop at Home Depot will benefit the most from the retailer’s consumer credit card.

On purchases of $299 or more, you can get up to six months of financing, and 24-months on special promotions.

Additionally, if a balance is paid in full within six months, cardholders do not have to pay interest.

It’s possible that you’d prefer The Project Loan Card if you needed to pay for a large project or a number of different products all at once.

In six months, cardholders can borrow up to $55,000 and pay back the loan at a reduced monthly rate.

For example, if you borrowed $1,000, you would pay $20 a month, $100 if you borrowed $5,000, and $200 if you borrowed $10,000.

Is Layaway Available at Any Other Retailers?

Layaway plans are available at many other retailers if Home Depot’s alternative purchase options don’t work for you.

Walmart offers layaway plans during the Christmas season to help you spread the cost of your holiday shopping.

To put things into perspective, Walmart offers the following example: A $150 purchase will cost the customer $13.92 a month for a year (20 percent APR).

Layaway plans are accepted at the following additional retailers:

Both J. Maxx and Marshalls



The Shopping Channel


If you’re interested in learning more about layaway plans, you might want to check out whether Sam’s Club, Best Buy, or Walmart offer them.

Is Layaway Available at Home Depot?

In Home Depot stores and online, layaway is not available. In its place, you can use The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card to pay for a variety of products.

Quadpay and Klarna allow you to spread out the total cost into four installments. There are layaway options at Walmart, T.J.Maxx, Kmart, and Sears during the Christmas shopping season, but not elsewhere.