Does Home Depot Cut Counter Tops For You

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Laminate, granite, and marble worktops are available at Home Depot for remodeling and restoration needs.

Customers who are interested in purchasing countertops may question if Home Depot also cuts countertops. This is what I’ve learned through my investigation!

In 2022, will Home Depot cut countertops?

As of 2022, Home Depot may cut and install laminate, butcher block, granite, and marble countertops purchased from the store. Customers may now buy or rent circular saws from Home Depot to cut kitchen countertops at home. This service is also provided by competitors such as Lowe’s.

Continue reading to find more about how much Home Depot costs for cutting countertops, what types of countertops Home Depot can cut, and much more!

How Much Does Cutting Countertops At Home Depot Cost?

At Home Depot, the cost of countertop cutting varies depending on the intricacy of your measurements.

You can count on paying about $110 to remove a cooktop. To tear off a single faucet, Home Depot normally costs $20 and $25, respectively.

Is Home Depot able to cut laminate counters?

Customers who purchase laminate countertops from Home Depot’s kitchen design area may have them cut at the store.

As part of the kitchen unit installation service, an installation professional will cut the laminate countertops to your specifications and ship them straight to you. If you purchase a full kitchen unit from Home Depot, you will receive this as a bonus.

Customers notice that Home Depot cannot cut laminate counters purchased separately since the merchant does not cut counters locally.

Menards also provides a comparable service. Make sure your kitchen measurements are correct before you begin designing and ordering laminate countertops from your local retailer.

Is Home Depot able to cut Butcher Block Countertops for you?

Butcher block countertops are not installed by Home Depot as part of their kitchen installation service, thus they cannot be cut. The Home Depot kitchen department can help you with custom orders if you need something a certain length.

Consider purchasing and installing your IKEA butcher block countertop for a more precise service. IKEA can custom-cut butcher block countertops to your specifications during the installation process.

Can Granite Countertops Be Cut at Home Depot?

For granite countertops in your kitchen, Home Depot will hire a third-party contractor to cut the stone to your specific dimensions. Unfortunately, Home Depot does not cut granite countertops in any of its retail locations or countertops that have been acquired separately from the company’s inventory.

Granite countertop cutting is included in Lowes’ installation service, as an alternative. Before meeting with a kitchen professional to go through measurements, simply fill out a form with your specifications.

Your granite countertops will be cut to your specifications once you have paid for the service and received a countertop template from a designer.

Is Home Depot able to cut marble counters?

Only the kitchen installation service at Home Depot can cut marble countertops. You will be contacted by a trained specialist once you have decided on the final countertop design. They will visit your home and take exact measurements of your kitchen.

An insured contractor will then bring and install your newly cut marble worktops. Lowes is happy to cut marble countertops during the installation procedure, just like it does with granite.

The entire cost is determined on the square feet of marble you need and the complexity of the cuts required.

Is There a Home Depot Countertop Cutting Tool?

The Makita X-LOCK Continuous Diamond Blade for Ceramic and Granite Cutting, priced at $27.97, is the most popular tool at Home Depot for granite worktops, according to the retailer.

With an arbor size of 7-8 inches, it works with most angle grinders. To cut masonry, you may also use Diablo Diamond Continuous Rim Cut-Off Disks with an 8-inch arbor.

In addition to the Makita 18-volt Circular Saw Kit ($349), the Dewalt 20-volt Circular Saw ($99) is a top seller at Home Depot. If you have a countertop that has to be cut, Home Depot employees can help you figure out what equipment you need.

Is Home Depot a good place to get countertop cutting tools to rent?

You may hire the Electric Circular Saw for $16 per four hours, $23 per day, $92 per week, and $276 for four weeks if you need to cut hard materials like marble, butcher block, or granite.

Entering your zip code into the search field will show you which tools are available for rent in your neighborhood.

What Kind of Countertops Are Available at Home Depot?

A wide variety of colors and materials are available at Home Depot, including butcher block material and wood such as maple, birch and walnut. As well as quartz and quartzite countertops, laminate and marble countertops are also available at Home Depot.

Depending on the design, color, and size of your kitchen’s countertops, Home Depot has a wide range of prices. For a fee of around $27-$24 per square foot, Home Depot can install countertops for you (on average).

Depending on the countertop type, Home Depot might charge up to $1,000 to install a laminate countertop.

How Much Do Countertops From Home Depot Cost?

The cost of Home Depot countertops ranges from $35 to $1,500, depending on the material and the quantity needed. The following are the typical costs for countertops at Home Depot:

  • Quartz cost $50 to $90 per square foot, with an average of $68.
  • Granite costs from $40 to $100 per square foot, with an average cost of $58.
  • Solid Surface cost $37-$67 per square foot, with an average of $52 per square foot.
  • Laminate costs from $27 and $34 per square foot, with an average cost of $29 per square foot.

There are also extra costs for finishing touches like the edges of the countertops (about$20) and the corners (about $60 on average).

In addition, Home Depot sells a number of countertop maintenance and care products, including oils and cleaners.

Bottom Line

Only laminate, granite, and marble countertops purchased via Home Depot’s installation service will be cut. Because Home Depot does not install butcher block counters, it is not fabricated there. IKEA offers cutting and installation services for butcher block countertops.

Alternatively, you may purchase or rent circular saws and other tools to cut your own countertop.

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