Does Hobby Lobby Cut Glass

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Hobby Lobby carries a wide variety of arts and crafts supplies, including glass, which makes sense if you’re looking to utilize it in your own creations.

While cutting it yourself may be an option, if you’re not confident and want to know if Hobby Lobby can help, read this post!

In 2022, does Hobby Lobby slice glass?

In 2022, Hobby Lobby will be able to cut glass to produce its own unique picture frames. In the event that you purchase glass, the retailer would gladly cut it to your desired size at no additional charge.

For a frame, a bespoke framer will cut all of the glass for you. Cut your own glass from places like Hobby Lobby.

If you’re interested in learning more about cutting glass at Hobby Lobby, including how to do it and what varieties of glass are available, keep reading!

Is the glass for picture frames cut at Hobby Lobby?

In order to create the perfect custom frame, you may go to Hobby Lobby. Besides mats and molds, the firm also cuts glass for these products as well.

Glass custom-cut by Hobby Lobby?

If you ask the store staff to construct a frame for you, Hobby Lobby will custom cut the glass.

They will figure out exactly how much of each material, such as plastic molding, mat, and glass, you’ll need based on the final product dimensions you supply them.

Do they sell glass at Hobby Lobby?

If you’re looking to do some DIY crafting or home improvement, Hobby Lobby carries a wide variety of glass, including sheets that you can cut to size.

Many various varieties of glass are available for purchase at Hobby Lobby’s website, including plexiglass and stained glass. Also available in the store, you may have someone cut the sheets to your desired dimensions.

Do they sell glass for picture frames at Hobby Lobby?

When it comes to the glass used in custom frames, Hobby Lobby offers three major options:

  1. Conservation Clear
  2. Conservation Reflection Control
  3. Museum Glass

All of these choices shield goods inside the frame from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, which might bleach or harm them if exposed for an extended period of time.

In order to establish which choice is ideal for you, the framer will guide you through the many possibilities when you request a custom frame.

Conservation Acrylic and glass are both available in clear glass, which shields the contents inside the frame from 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. In situations where there is a risk of it being knocked down, acrylic is a good choice.

Conservation An optical coating on Reflection Control also helps to decrease glare while protecting against 99 percent of UV rays.

Useful for brightly illuminated environments, but works best when the item framed has a lot of fine detail.

Museum Glass contains two layers of optical coating to block out 99 percent of UV radiation, much like the other two materials.

This almost eliminates any glare, making it ideal for use in bright settings with finely detailed framed artwork.

Can Glass Be Cut at the Hobby Lobby?

At Hobby Lobby, you can hire a custom framer to cut the glass for you once you’ve picked the one that works best. A sales representative will assist you with this, from the kind to the dimensions

Even if you don’t have much experience with DIY, you can cut the glass yourself using a sheet and some glass cutters (both available at Hobby Lobby).

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Bottom Line

In most cases, glass is cut at Hobby Lobby for bespoke framing projects. Conservation Clear, Conservation Reflection Control, and Museum Glass are the three primary varieties of glass offered by the business for these purposes. After placing an order for a custom-made frame, an employee will cut it for you.

As an alternative to traditional picture frames, customers can purchase stained glass and plexiglass from the same supplier, which is also available for purchase.

The sheets come in sheets, but you can either hire someone to cut them for you or get some glass cutters from the store and do it yourself.

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