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In 46 states, there are over 8,000 Family Dollar stores that need to be well-staffed to keep them functioning efficiently. The policies of Family Dollar may be an issue if you’re considering applying for a position in retail, logistics, or management there. Knowing whether or not Family Dollar conducts drug testing on potential workers is helpful while looking for work.

Here’s all you’ll need to know!

Does Family Dollar Drug Test?

All employees at Family Dollar are drug tested, and new hires will have to pass a background and drug test before they can be hired beginning in 2022. Random drug testing is conducted in all Family Dollar shops, although not always at the distribution centers. 

Reasonable suspicion or workplace mishaps may lead Family Dollar to conduct random drug tests. Continue reading to learn more about the drug policy of Family Dollar, including whether or not all employees are subjected to drug testing.

What Is The Family Dollar Drug Policy?

In its Code of Business Conduct, the Family Dollar specifies its drug policy. But the code of conduct states that Family Dollar is dedicated to creating a safe, drug-free and healthy work environment for all its employees.

All potential workers must pass a drug test in order to be considered for employment. As a result, employment at Family Dollar is contingent upon passing a drug screening and subsequent random testing.

In addition, all employees at Family Dollar are subject to random drug testing, with the frequency, nature, and timing of these tests varying by location. The procedures of individual Family Dollar stores regarding drug testing are therefore subject to state legislation and the discretion of store managers.

If you’re in a position where safety is an issue, all Family Dollar employees are subject to drug testing. In addition, employees who fail a drug test will likely be fired by Family Dollar because the company does not allow drug or alcohol usage in the workplace.

Which Employees Do Family Dollar Drug Tests?

All workers who work at Family Dollar shops are subjected to random drug testing. Employees, for example, are subject to a pre-employment drug test and random drug testing.

Drug testing may not be required for employees who work at Family Dollar’s distribution centers rather than its shops. However, if an accident occurs on the job, drug testing at a distribution center may be required.

Any time there is a reasonable suspicion of drug usage, random drug testing might be initiated. Employees being promoted or moved to new roles may also be subject to a random drug test.

Furthermore, managers are drug tested since their roles are typically sensitive and require a considerable level of responsibility, notably for the safety of all activities. Managerial employees are often examined at independent testing facilities, whereas sales associates are typically tested at the store’s location.

What Does A Family Dollar Drug Test Involve?

You must provide a urine sample within 48 hours of receiving notification from the business or a third-party testing site if you are subject to a drug test. The usual five-panel urine test used by Family Dollar is tested for:

  • THC
  • Cocaine
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Opiates
  • Amphetamines (including methamphetamine)

If an employee’s drug test comes back positive, they will be fired. If a new recruit fails a drug test, Family Dollar will rescind their offer of employment.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Results Of A Family Dollar Drug Test?

If a manager informs you of a drug test, you will have 48 hours to provide a urine sample.
Confidential findings can take up to a few weeks to arrive after submitting a sample, or it might be as little as a week. The results of your drug test are solely accessible to you and your superiors at Family Dollar.

What Drugs Does Family Dollar Test For?

Five-panel drug testing is typically used by Family Dollar, which focuses on the detection of PCP (cocaine), heroin, and amphetamines (including methamphetamine). Additionally, Family Dollar may conduct a marijuana test. No matter if you’ve got a medical marijuana card or reside in a state where marijuana is legal for recreational use, you won’t be able to buy marijuana at Family Dollar.

Does Family Dollar Do Random Drug Testing?

In fact, Family Dollar shops are randomly tested, but distribution hubs are not. If an accident occurs or there is a reasonable suspicion of drug usage, a random drug test may be conducted.

Do All Family Dollar Stores Drug Test?

Regardless of location, all Family Dollar employees are subject to drug testing at some time.
State regulations and local shop standards will dictate exactly when and how drug testing is conducted.

Does Family Dollar Do Background Checks?

Drug testing is not required at Family Dollar. Family Dollar, on the other hand, does a background check to guarantee that the information supplied on the job application is accurate.

As a result, any felony convictions discovered during the background check will be taken into consideration. Family Dollar does not automatically exclude a candidate for employment if they have been convicted of a crime.

Bottom Line

All employees at Family Dollar are subject to random drug testing and background checks as a condition of employment. All staff at the Family Dollar shops and distribution sites are subject to random drug testing. Family Dollar has a zero-tolerance policy for narcotics, and a failing drug test might lead to dismissal.

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