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Does Dollar General Sell Straight Talk Cards

By David Krug 3 minute read

A fantastic method to remain in touch and keep tabs on crucial events is to use a prepaid phone or phone card. Is Dollar General selling Straight Talk cards so that you can keep in touch with your loved ones? Continue reading to find out!

Does Dollar General Sell Straight Talk Cards in 2022?

Straight Talk phone cards will be unavailable at Dollar General by 2022. Straight Talk phone cards are only available at Walmart,, and Prepaid phones and SIM cards are also available at Dollar General. Phones and cards are available in Dollar General shops, but not on the company’s website.

If you want to learn more about the different types of phones and cards you can get from Dollar General, keep reading!

Can You Buy Straight Talk Phone Cards at Dollar General Stores?

Straight Talk cards are only available at Walmart,, and, therefore you can’t buy them at Dollar General. Other phones and SIM cards are also available at Dollar General, as well as prepaid plans.

What Phones and Phone Cards Does Dollar General Sell?

Mobile phones, SIM cards, and prepaid plans are all available at Dollar General. In certain cases, you may be able to get greater offers here than Straight Talk does. Listed below are a few of the phones and their costs that can be found at Dollar General stores:

  • Total Wireless SAMSUNG Galaxy A01, 16GB Black Prepaid Smartphone – $39.00
  • Tracfone BLU View 2, CDMA Prepaid Smartphone – $29.00
  • SIMPLE Mobile LG K31 Rebel, 32GB Black Prepaid Smartphone – $39.00
  • AT&T Motivate -$49.00
  • VERIZON MOTO E6 – $79.00 (price includes $40 airtime card)

Please be aware that Dollar General does not sell mobile phones online.

What Phone Plans and SIM Cards Does Dollar General Sell?

Many prepaid phones and SIM cards may be found at Dollar General. The cards from cellular service providers including TracFone and Total Wireless, AT&T, and Simple Mobile are only available at Dollar General locations and not online.

How Much Do Prepaid Phone Cards Cost at Dollar General?

At Dollar General, you may get prepaid phone cards in a variety of values, from $15 to $100 for family or yearly plans, depending on your needs. AT&T also sells reusable cards that may be replenished at Dollar General’s checkout.

What SIM Card Kits Can You Buy at Dollar General?

AT&T, Total Wireless, and Simple Mobile all sell SIM card kits for $1, and you may use these SIM cards on your own phone.

As a result, many individuals prefer to acquire a SIM card since they may preserve their current phone number and contract with the carrier they like.

To meet the diverse demands of its consumers, the majority of service providers give a variety of packages. All mobile phones are supposed to be able to use the same type of SIM card from different service providers.

You should, however, verify that the SIM card you’re considering purchasing is compatible with your phone before you buy it.

Bottom Line

Straight Talk cards are not available at Dollar General. At Walmart, Straight Talk cards and phones are only available, as well as There are a variety of pre-paid phones, phone cards, and SIMs available at Dollar General, however they are only accessible in-store and not online.