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Does Dollar General Sell Stamps

By David Krug 2 minute read

With over 16,000 locations, Dollar General offers a wide range of goods at low costs. You might be wondering, though, if Dollar General sells stamps. Fortunately, I am well-versed in this area.

In 2022, will Dollar General continue to sell stamps?

In 2022, Dollar General does not carry any form of stamps. Envelopes and packaging tape, on the other hand, maybe purchased for a cost of just $4. There are FedEx drop-off and pickup locations at many Dollar General locations. Read on for more details about Dollar General’s postal options!

Are Postage Supplies Available at Dollar General?

For as little as $1-$5, you may purchase postage materials, including Duck branded items. Packing tape, pencils, packing boxes, and poly-mailers are all available at Dollar General.

Customers may also purchase little cardboard boxes, which can be used for gift shipping, for roughly $2. A $5 roll of bubble wrap is 12 inches by 27 feet.

Which Non-Traditional Merchants Sell Stamps?

If you’re looking for stamps, you may find them at any of the following locations or online:

  • Walmart 
  • Costco
  • Target 
  • CVS 
  • Walgreens 
  • United States Postal Service 
  • Amazon

Where Can I Buy Stamps at the Lowest Prices?

This item may be purchased in bulk packs of 100-200 on eBay for up to 25-30% less than the listed price of $0.43. Compared to First Class stamps, a US Forever Stamp costs $0.55, however, stamps can cost up to $1.50. It’s possible to buy volumes of 20 Forever Stamps through the United States Postal Service for around $21.55 each.

Can You Post Dollar General Items?

Unfortunately, there is no in-house postage service at Dollar General for shipping letters or packages.

Is FedEx available at Dollar General?

In most Dollar General locations, FedEx offers a pick-up and drop-off service for customers’ packages. In order to send a FedEx package back to the sender, it must be sealed and tagged using the FedEx online form.

You must have your FedEx tracking number and a government-issued picture ID on hand when picking up a parcel at the post office. FedEx is unable to release the cargo without this information.

Bottom Line

Dollar General does not sell stamps, as you would have guessed. Postage stamps and envelopes may be purchased at a reasonable price both in-store and online. It’s possible to drop off FedEx packages at a number of retail locations, but you cannot post personal things here.