Does Dollar General Sell Beer

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It’s hard to beat Dollar General when it comes to finding a wide range of goods at inexpensive prices. In light of the bans on the sale of alcohol in America, does Dollar General carry alcoholic beverages? I now know what Dollar General’s drinking policy is!

Does Dollar General Sell Alcohol In 2022? 

There is a vast selection of alcoholic beverages available at Dollar General. As a result of varying state legislation, it is always wise to contact ahead and confirm the availability of certain items before making a trip. Vodka, Whisky, Rum, Gin and Techella are all hard spirits that Dollar General does not carry.

How Much Alcohol Can You Get at Dollar General?

Because the regulations governing the sale of alcohol vary from county to county and state to state, it is difficult to specify which Dollar General locations sell alcoholic beverages.

Although this map illustrates what each state may offer, from beers to wines and spirits; this is not a comprehensive list. Other states that allow Sunday sales of alcohol are also included.

Is Wine and Champagne Available at Dollar General?

Yes, a surprising number of red and white wines may be found at Dollar General. You’ll find a wide variety of wines at this establishment ranging from Rose to Shiraz to Pinot Noir to Merlot to Chardonnay to Champagne.

In addition, some of these wines are just $2.95 a bottle!

Is Beer Available at Dollar General?

There are a number of beers available for purchase at Dollar General, including Coronas, Budweiser, Coors Light, Bud Light, Millers, and Keystone Ice Beer. These brews are often sold in 6-packs or as singles.

Is Alcohol Available at Dollar General on Sundays?

Dollar General may or may not be able to sell alcohol and wine on Sundays in your state. You should check with your local Dollar General to see if this is the case before making a purchase.

Do Dollar General Gift Cards Work for Alcohol Purchases?

Dollar General gift cards cannot be used to purchase alcohol, which is one of the few items that they do allow. Dollar General gift cards cannot be used to purchase e-cigarettes, tobacco, or any other gift cards.

Does Dollar General sell alcohol online?

There is no alcohol for sale on the Dollar General website; however, it does present a list of beers and wines that are available in some stores.

However, you may add these items to your Dollar General grocery list and read reviews from other Dollar General customers even if there is no price shown.

How can I return an alcoholic beverage at Dollar General?

Only if the original receipt for the transaction is provided. To return alcohol, you must return it to the Dollar General shop where you purchased it, and you must seek a refund, not an exchange.

Is it possible to use Dollar General Pickup or the DG Go app to purchase alcohol?

Not at all, according to Dollar General’s terms and conditions for their Dollar General Pickup service and the DG Go app to pay with your phone in the shop, alcohol cannot be purchased in-store using the DG Go app.

Bottom Line

Check with your local Dollar General store to see if they carry alcohol or not, as it varies from location to location. A list of the alcoholic beverages they carry and customer evaluations may be seen on the Dollar General website, but online purchases are not possible.

The DG Go app and Dollar General’s pickup service do not allow you to purchase alcohol.

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