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Does Dollar General Drug Test

By David Krug 2 minute read

Dollar General is one of America’s fastest-growing retailers. Since new Dollar General locations are being opened on a regular basis, job openings within the shop are plentiful. As a result, some potential employees may ask if Dollar General does drug testing. Here’s what I’ve learned through my investigation!

Does Dollar General Drug Test In 2022?

In their employee handbook, Dollar General has a zero-drug policy that encompasses narcotics as well as alcohol. When applying for a job at Dollar General, applicants may be requested to take a drug test, which must be negative in order to be considered for employment.

Keep reading to discover more about Dollar General drug testing, what other requirements you must meet to get hired, and what happens if you fail a Dollar General drug test!

Who is subjected to drug testing at Dollar General?

Pre-employment drug tests for keyholders and management positions are the exception rather than the rule at Dollar General. However, Dollar General may need a drug test as part of your application procedure if you have a history of drug abuse.

Some sources claim that failing to pass the mandatory drug test within the allotted time period may exclude you from applying for work at Dollar General for the duration of one full year. 

What Does A Dollar General Drug Test Involve?

A urine sample is often required for a Dollar General drug test. At Dollar General’s request, this procedure will be carried out at a medical clinic, hospital, or doctor’s office.

This drug test at Dollar General requires that you bring a form of government-issued identification with you. To prevent tampering or fraud, all of your personal things should be kept in a designated locker. 

Does a Dollar General drug test take long to get the results of?

The processing time for your Dollar General drug test results might range from 24 hours to a week. By delivering the findings directly to Dollar General, we can ensure that they are not tampered with.

If the test comes back negative, you may expect to go on to the next stage of the hiring process. If you test positive, you may be disqualified from further consideration or, if you are currently working at Dollar General, you may face sanctions.

Drug testing at Dollar General includes what?

Drugs including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, PCP, and methamphetamines are all tested for at Dollar General. Alcohol may also be included in some cases when Dollar General conducts a drug test for employees.

Is a drug test required for employment at Dollar General?

Due to Dollar General’s zero-tolerance drug policy, you must pass your drug test in order to work there. If you fail a drug test, Dollar General considers this to be fair cause for dismissal since it violates state legislation regarding unlawful substance misuse.

David Krug