Does Dollar General Do Cash Back

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Dollar General, an American retail business, seeks to give every consumer a convenient shopping experience. Its purpose is to sell economical goods from a variety of departments.

Dollar General accepts a variety of current payment options, but does it also provide cash back? I’ve done all the necessary research!

In 2022, does Dollar General provide Cash Back?

Yes, Dollar General offers cash back on select Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards. The maximum amount a customer may withdraw in a single transaction is $40, with a $5 minimum. Dollar General costs $1 to $2 every cash back withdrawal, but other businesses provide this service for free.

Read on to learn more about Dollar General’s cash-back program!

What Is the Limit on Cash Back at Dollar General?

The maximum cash back available at Dollar General is $40. If you desire to get more than $40, you must make multiple purchases.

However, your card issuer may set restrictions on daily spending and withdrawals, and many Dollar General locations need a $5-$10 minimum purchase to qualify for cash back.

How Much Does Dollar General Charge for Cash Back?

$1 to $2 is levied each cash back transaction, depending on the retailer. Some Dollar General shops charge $2 for any amount of cash back, while others charge $1 for $10 and $1.50 for $30 to $40.

In addition, a $5 minimum purchase is required to receive rewards from Dollar General.

Dollar General: Can I Get Cash Back With Credit Cards?

Users of the Discover Credit Card can earn cash back. You may request cash back at cashier-operated registers or self-service checkouts, up to a maximum of $120 each 24-hour period. Discover Credit Card is fee-free; however, Dollar General retail fees may apply.

Credit Card networks like Mastercard and American Express may set their own limitations on cash transactions.

Can I Request Cash Back from Dollar General for Check Purchases?

No, it is not possible to obtain cash back when paying by check. Dollar General does not offer check cashing services, thus it cannot validate your check for a refund.

Where Can I Receive a Refund of $100?

You may get $100 through three separate purchases at Dollar General; but, you must purchase merchandise in each transaction. Kroger, Shoppers Food Warehouse, and Ralphs are among the retailers that offer larger cash-back limitations.

Bottom Line

Dollar General offers cash refunds. When using a debit card to obtain a refund of up to $40, you must pay for the item. Discover Credit Card holders can spend up to $120 every day. 

With a check, you cannot obtain cash back. Location dependent, a transaction charge of $1 to $2 will be assessed.

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