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Does Dollar General Blow Up Balloons

By David Krug 2 minute read

Groceries, home goods, and even party materials may all be found at Dollar General, all for incredibly low costs. As a result, you may be asking if Dollar General offers helium filling services.

Here’s all I’ve been able to uncover thus far!

Do Helium Balloons Fill Dollar General’s Helium Tanks?

In 2022, helium balloons will be filled at most Dollar General shops. Depending on the location, helium can be inflated into latex, metallic, mylar, or gigantic balloons starting at $0.50. For workers to fill the balloons, they must have been purchased from Dollar General.

Keep reading to find out more about price, party supplies, and tank rental!

At Dollar General, how much does it cost to fill a helium balloon?

We discovered that the cost of helium balloon filling at DG varies from shop to store. However, after speaking to a member of staff at my local store, I was informed that this was the case.

  • The price of a latex balloon ranges from $0.50 to $1.
  • Filling a mylar/metal balloon might cost as much as $4 per balloon.
  • Filling a single jumbo balloon can run up to $15.

Balloons for various special occasions, such as anniversaries and birthdays, can also be filled in-store by DG because of the variety of products they sell.

Does Dollar General Rent Helium Tanks?

Dollar General does not rent Helium tanks, which is a real shame. The only balloons that may be filled at Dollar General are those that have already been purchased there.

Does Dollar General Sell A Helium Tank Or Balloon Pump?

Balloon Time’s 9″ helium tank, which holds 8.9 cubic feet of helium, is available for purchase at Dollar General. 30 latex balloons are included in the package, which is the usual number of balloons that a tank of this size can fill to its full capacity.

Dollar General also has little balloon pumps, however they don’t utilize helium to inflate the balloons and instead use air.

Who Can I Rent A Helium Tank From?

You may rent helium tanks from Party City, American Party Rental, and other party supply businesses that specialize in this type of merchandise. Helicopter tank rentals are quite pricey, and they can vary greatly based on your location and the value of helium at the time of booking.

A typical helium tank rental can cost anywhere from $70 to $350, depending on the cubic footage of the tank and the cost of helium.

As a bonus, Dollar General carries a wide variety of gift cards that may be used to purchase the helium balloons you’re presenting to your loved ones. I’ve also written about getting balloons inflated at Walmart and Walgreens in the past.

Bottom Line

Certain balloons purchased from Dollar General will be helium-filled. Individual balloons from multipacks, on the other hand, will not be filled. Small helium tanks are available for purchase at Dollar General. There is no helium tank rental available at Dollar General.