Does CVS Sell Flowers

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The options for finding fresh flowers outside of a florist or grocery store might be limited. Although it’s rare, several of the most popular pharmacies are now carrying a large selection of flowers.

Does CVS sell flowers? This is a common question for those who reside close to CVS locations yet want to buy some fresh flowers. The findings of my investigation are as follows:

Is CVS still selling flowers in 2022?

Since 2022, CVS has been selling flowers in a number of forms, including single blooms, bouquets, and bigger arrangements at most of its shops.

When it comes to events like Valentine’s Day and Easter, CVS has a larger selection of flowers throughout the spring and summer.

Discover what kinds of flowers CVS carries if any are available for purchase on their website, and how much a bouquet costs by reading on!

Is CVS a place where you can purchase fresh flowers?

Most CVS shops provide fresh flowers and flower bouquets, although the types and varieties of flowers available may vary by location due to local availability and stock.

Please keep in mind that if you have a certain flower in mind, you should call ahead to check that your local CVS has them in stock and fresh. Make use of our CVS store locator to discover the address, phone number, and hours of operation of the CVS closest to you.

What flowers does CVS sell?

At CVS, you’ll discover chrysanthemums, carnations, and tulips among the most popular and long-lasting flower varieties. Because of their sensitivity and need for extra attention, orchids are rarely found at CVS shops.

Succulents and small cacti may be available in some CVS locations, however, this varies by region. CVS distributes fresh-flower arrangements designed for specific occasions, such as Easter and Valentine’s Day, throughout these times of the year.

To keep your flowers looking their best, CVS stores also carry plant food, flower feeder sacks, and other supplements. In addition, CVS typically has flower and vegetable seed packets for those who like to grow their own flowers.

When is CVS available to buy flowers?

CVS stores provide a wide variety of flowers throughout the year. You may still find some fresh flowers throughout the winter, such as poinsettias and other Christmas-themed plants, despite the fact that spring and summer are traditionally the greatest periods to buy flowers.

CVS frequently runs special promotions during holidays like Valentine’s Day and Easter, when the range of flowers available for purchase tends to be higher.

Is CVS an online flower store?

If you want to know where to buy flowers online, there is a CVS online store where you can buy flowers for delivery or pick-up from your nearest CVS store. You may choose from a wide variety of flowers and other things, including fresh flowers and floral growth powders, vases, and more.

Because CVS sells flowers online, but doesn’t have their own delivery drivers, deliveries from CVS’s online shop are handled by the delivery service Instacart, which picks up the merchandise from CVS and brings it right to your door.

Free Instacart Express trials are available to CVS online flower customers who want to avoid paying delivery costs.

How much do CVS flowers cost?

A simple bouquet of flowers from CVS can cost anywhere from $5 to $15, while bigger planter arrangements with 20 or more flowers can cost upwards of $25.

Individual roses and carnations are available at affordable prices at some CVS shops, especially when the blossoms are nearing their expiration date.

If you compare CVS’s costs to a typical bouquet of flowers from a professional florist, you’ll find significant discounts.

Holiday discounts in the spring and summer are particularly beneficial for businesses since customers may take advantage of these deals to save money.

If you want to learn more, you might also want to look into whether Aldi, Dollar General, and Costco all carry flowers.

Bottom Line

Flowers and bouquets are available at most CVS shops in the United States. Customers may get a wide choice of fresh flowers for a reasonable price.

For robust and healthy blooms, spring and summer deals at CVS are the greatest times to buy flowers and other plants. Ordering flowers from CVS online and having them delivered by Instacart is an option as well.

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