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Does CVS Sell Balloons

By David Krug 3 minute read

Party decorations that include helium-filled balloons may be entertaining, but it’s tough to locate a retail store or vendor that can fill the balloons for you. You may question if CVS fills helium balloons in-store because CVS has a wide variety of party materials. This is what I’ve learned thus far!

In 2022, will CVS continue to fill helium balloons?

As of 2022, if you buy helium-filled balloons from CVS, they will be filled with helium for free. CVS may refuse to fill balloons you’ve purchased from another retailer.

Customers may also have helium balloons inflated at Kroger and Dollar Tree. Keep reading to find out how much it costs to fill helium balloons in-store at CVS, as well as which other retailers fill helium balloons.

Can I Bring My Own Balloons To CVS To Be Filled?

Helium may only be added to balloons purchased from CVS. Since CVS provides in-store inflation, it’s the perfect place to buy helium balloons if you need them for a certain event.

For those who have bought balloons elsewhere, you may want to check with your local CVS to see if they can fill your helium balloons for a nominal price.

How Much Do Helium Balloons Cost at CVS?

In-store purchases of helium balloons from CVS do not incur a cost from customers to have them filled. Inflation is already included in the balloon pricing, so filling them with helium is a no-cost perk of shopping for balloons at CVS.

Is Helium Available at All CVS Stores?

It is possible to fill helium balloons in-store at most CVS locations that have them for sale. It’s wise to contact ahead if you don’t know if this is the case at your local shop. Use the CVS store finder to find out how to get in touch with your nearest location.

Where Else Can You Purchase Helium Balloons?

If your CVS doesn’t fill helium balloons, here are some alternative places where you may get the same service:

  • The flower sections in Kroger supermarkets are equipped to handle the filling of helium balloons. In-store purchase of the balloons is not necessary, and costs for latex balloons begin at $1, while Mylar foil balloons start at $2.
  • In-store balloon filling is available at Party City locations, with latex balloons starting at $0.99 and Mylar foil balloons going up to $2.99.
  • Filling balloons at Dollar Tree costs just $1, regardless of the sort of balloon you wish to use.

CVS Sells What Kinds Of Balloons?

At CVS, you’ll find a variety of balloons for any event, including Mylar foil and latex balloons, as well as water-bomb-style balloons. To make it easier to fill your helium balloons, you’ll find them bundled with air pumps in the same packaging.

These Squawker Balloons and Neon Punch Ball Balloons are just two examples of non-decorative balloons that CVS carries.

Is CVS Online Selling Balloons?

Customers may only fill helium-filled balloons in-store at CVS. It’s possible that buying helium balloons online will need you to use a helium tank to inflate them yourself (which is not available at CVS).

Is CVS a Store That Sells Party Supplies?

Paper hats, glasses, plates, and party poppers are all available at CVS in the form of party supplies. Among its party supplies are cake candles, confetti, and tablecloths.

The Omni Party line is also available at CVS. For additional information, visit our linked blogs on whether or not Walgreens will blow up balloons, if Dollar Tree fills helium balloons, and if Target fills helium balloons.

Bottom Line

If a CVS shop has the necessary equipment, it can fill helium balloons in-store. If you buy a balloon from a CVS that is on sale, they will usually inflate it for you free of charge. Some CVS locations, on the other hand, sell pre-filled balloons. Keep in mind that CVS does not often fill balloons.